Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upland, California -July 8, 2013

Sister Recipcia, Sister Haupt, and Sister Woodward

Hey family :)

I don't quite know where to start today.  This has been one crazy week.  First off, it sounds like your week was crazy but fun.  I am surpised that you didn't go to the fireworks though.  That is a tradition!!  But I am glad that dad got to finally ski a little bit.  That is great.  GO DARCY!! that's amazing.  I am not surprised at all that she did so well her first time though.  She has always be a natural at snow skiing.  How fun.  I am glad she finally tried it. 

I hope Kelsey is enjoying Guatamala.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  I bet she is going to love it.  You better make sure that she tells me all about it when she gets home in 8 days.  I can't believe you are letting her go for that long!! What is mom going to do without all of her wonderful help she so willingly gives everyday?? haha 

This next week should be fun for mom though.  You get to get rid of most of the kids this week.  That should be fun.  Too bad you still have Gislene and Rolando. And I hope Ian enjoys going on the business trip.  That should be exciting for him.  He is lucky.  No one else except mom has been able to go on one yet.  Spoiled bum.

So San Bernardino, Rialto, and Fontana ended up in the other mission, so my old area and zone are all in the Redlans mission.  So my trainer and all the people I knew are in the other mission as well.  From my MTC district, three of the Elders went to the Redlands mission, and one of them (Elder Beus) stayed in Rancho.  One of the sister went to Rancho and the other five of us stayed in Rancho.  So it wasn't split too evenly.  We got a few more here.  We feel bad for Sister McHood because she is the only sister in the other mission.
I got to meet President Hobbs and his wife last Tuesday.  It was just a zone conference.  After we had our district meeting that morning, we all went to the mission office and met Sister and President Hobbs.  They are definitely different then President Godwin, but I think they will bring a lot of good and needed changes to this mission.  I am excited to see what will happen.  They are great people and I am excited to be able to work with them and get to know them a little bit more.

So this week was crazy.  Tuesday we met President, and that evening we went on exchanges.  Sister Haupt went to the desert and Sister Coleman (who was from my MTC district) came with us. We were able to vist a few less active families and got a new investigator, Jim.  He and his wife are a referral from a family in the ward.  We haven't met Jim's wife, Merlyn, yet though.  We are hoping this week we will be able to.  Merlyn lived in Hyde Park for a while and graduated from Sky View though.  I am excited to talk to her about it. 
We have one other investigator name Joey Shafer. He is 16 and really golden.  He is already planning on a mission.  His only hold back right now is that he wants his less active dad to baptize him who has a major word of wisdom problem so he is not worthy.  The bishop doesn't want the dad to baptize til he has quit smoking for a whole month...kinda overwhelming for the dad.  We haven't met with the dad yet.  He always comes and says hi, but never stays for the lesson.  Hopefully we will be able to meet with him this week.  We are excited for Joey though.

We also had transfers on Saturday.  Sister Cobabe from Centerville came with Sister Respecia and me.  She graduated with Paul so she kinda knows him.  We had a fun time with her.  Most of this week we had lessons with the recent converts in the ward and with the less active members.  Then we met with Jim and with Joey. 

This is a good area.  It is a lot more safe then my last area.  The ward members are so excited to have sisters.  After having Elders forever, they love us.  We are getting fed basically every night.  The ward is also very missionary oriented and are trying their best to be member missionaries.  I am excited for this area.  

Have a great week.  I hope everything goes well. 

Love you all
Sister Woodward

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