Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upland, California -August 5, 2013

Hello Woodward Family,
So the Redlands temple isn't in my mission.  I don't know if we will get permission to go, and if we do, how often we will be able to go.  Before the mission split, the missionaries could go about every 3 months.  I have been out for over 3 months and there is no talk about a trip any time soon. So I don't know what President Hobbs will do.
I am glad that you finally had good weather for the swim day.  I am glad that for the most part, the week went well.  How are Kelsey and Kendall doing?  I haven't heard anything about him yet and I am still waiting to hear about this boy.  You will also have to tell me all about Ians week at EFY.  I am sure he will just love it!
My new mission President and his wife are just absolutely amazing and I love them so much.  The other day, Sister Hobbs called me up and told me there was an article in the July Ensign that she read and thought it would be good for me.  Then on Thursday we had our Stake Coordination, and both President and Sister Hobbs were there.  President came and asked me how I was doing.  As President was leaving the room, he looked at me and winked. haa He emails me every week to make sure things are still okay.  They definitely care so much about me and I love it.  They are going to do some wonderful things with this mission!
Also, I think I had a revelation this week.  I was talking to my companions about why I have such a bumpy skull.  And they asked if I had any pictures of me after surgery...and I thought and thought and thought.  And I came to realize that I don't think I have actually ever seen any pictures of my self after surgery or even within about the first year and a half of my life.  I have seen pictures as a toddler and before my surgery but nothing in between.  So now I am wondering, was I a super ugly baby? Were you ashamed of me and didn't want to take any pictures of me?  I feel like I was just ugly and you wanted to hide me from everyone and not take pictures in hope that you would forget all about my deformities.  I was probably the baby that when people asked to see, they gasped and then lied about how cute I was and they were really thinking, oh poor mom for having such an ugly baby!!  Anyway...
Well we got a new investigator this week.  Her name is Sheri Lowen.  She is a former.  She took lessons quite a few years ago.  She has some issues with things we believe.  She can't really let go of the things she was taught as she was growing up.  So we have got to work with her on that.  We are going to meet with her this Friday. 
Beth and Tyler were at church yesterday.  They were the ones that came up to us and asked us to teach them.  They set up an appointment this Thursday, so we are excited to go and meet with them.  It is going to be fun.  They are both super nice.  Beth also has 4 kids so we are excited for this family and Tyler.  They aren't married, but are not living together.  So hopefully that helps with stuff.  Tyler was raised in the church, but excommunicated.  So he does know our standards and stuff.  His parents just got back from a mission in Pennsylvania. 
Other than that, the work is really slow.  We have a lot of good potential in the area, but no one we are really working with.  Hopefully we can meet with them all soon and start teaching them.  Most of our efforts are going to helping the ward members.  This ward is struggling big time.  They aren't going to be able to help new converts if they can't help themselves.  So that is our focus right now.  There is a recent convert family of about 3 months, and they are already on the verge on inactivitiy.  They ward just has so many of its own struggles that they don't notice or help anyone else out.  We came to the realization that even though missionaries want to baptize, it is pointless if the ward is not able to help out and keep those converts strong, so we need to focus on the ward.  It is different to be working will all members basically, but at least they all love us :) haha  It is definitely a learning experience. 
Well by next week you will know whether I am getting transferred or not.  I will 99.9% be training though.  So you will get to hear all about that next week.  Be excited :) I sure am  But I am also sad because I won't be with Sister Haupt anymore.  :(
Well have a good week.  You guys are awesome. Love you all
Sister Woodward

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