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Hindu Temple

Carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins

Sister Cromwell and Sister Woodward
Sister Cromwell and Sister Woodward
Carving pumpkins
Carving pumpkins

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat

Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

Sister Baker, Sister Woodward, and Sister Riley

Sister Woodward and Sister Manumua

Sisters at the Redlands Temple

Sister Crowley and Sister Woodward

Sister Woodward, Brother Broadbent, Manuel, and Sister Manumua

Sister Woodward, Bailey and Sister Manumua

Monica, Tatiana, Sister Woodward, Victoria, Sister Manumua, and Isaiah

Volunteering at Mount Baldy

Sister Woodward and Grandpa Newman

Sister Woodward and the Ebmeyers

Sister Woodward and Sister Respecia

Sister Woodward and Maddie

Apple Valley, California

Sister Woodward and Sister Manumu'a

Sister Woodward loves Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree in the California desert
Sunset in the California desert

Matching Minnie and Mickey Mouse PJ's

Sister Ellis and Sister Woodward

Sister Woodward's birthday party

Sister Woodward's birthday party

Sister Woodward and the Davidson's in Hesperia

The zone in Hesperia

Sister Packer, Sister Beagley, Ryan, Sister Woodward, and Sister Johnson

Jolene, Ryan, and Sister Woodward

Melanie, Sister Woodward, and Kenzii

Sister Woodward and Sister Beagley

Sister Demayo and Maddie from Rancho

Bishop and Sister Clawson from Rancho

Christmas Morning
California Sunset
Sister Woodward and Sister Riley at the Redlands Temple
Sister Pollard and Sister Woodward

Sister Recipcia, Sister Haupt, and Sister Woodward

Pet Cemetery
Sister Morgan and Sister Woodward
San Bernardino, California Mission
President Goodwin, Sister Woodward, and Sister Goodwin
Arrival in San Bernardino

Elders Seright, Huntsman, Shapcott and Beus
Sister Cook and Sister Woodward

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