Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apple Valley, California -April 28, 2014

Hey family,

Well thanks for all the family updates.  It sounds like a lot is going on at home.  I am not too sad I am missing it actually.  Sounds a little crazy for me.  Life is not as crazy out here in California.  Hopefully soccer goes well for you and good luck with dinner with the missionaries.  It is good to hear that you are doing your own missionary work at home.  Good Job!! Proud of you all. 

Thanks for the package.  I got it on Thursday I think and had to just sit and stare at it until today.  But I did wait until today to open it.  I am wearing some of the clothes and was very happy to see that there was no candy in it :) and thanks for the cd.  Sorry I gave you the wrong title, but you got the right one :)  So good job.  It was all wonderful and I like it all. And my companion was pretty excited to see the book.  She said she wanted to read it so bad.  So thank you.  We both enjoy it. 

And the new ward is really great.  The people seem good.  The members we live with (The Ebmeyers) are so great.  They are a sweet older couple.  They joke around with us and take such good care of us.  They have a pretty big extended family who all live relatively close, so they are all over a lot, which equals SO much food.  So the Ebmeyers get mad if we buy groceries because what is 2 more to the group already.  Of course we still do, but they are so cute.  And Sister Ebmeyers dad is 93 and plays the organ in church each week. haha So funny.  We just love him as well.  I will need to get some pictures and send them off soon.  Maybe I will just print them and mail them to you.  That is easier.  They are throwing a "surprise" party for me tonight.  I am not supposed to know, but when I was getting ready, my companion went out to talk to them, and they aren't quiet, and the house is so far from sound proof, that I heard it all.  Haha  It should be good.  I will get pictures :)

Sister Ellis is so much fun! I just love her.  She is a whole lot like my roommate Maddie.  We have a lot of fun and it is going to be a great transfer.  But I swear her and Maddie could be the same person.  We have had a good week though.

This week we have spent mainly just meeting the ward and getting to know them.  Sister Ellis has only been here six weeks so she really doesn't know the ward super well.  So it is good.  We have one investigator family, the Villaruels (I think that is how you spell it).  There is mom and dad, and the 4 sons.  The dad has had the lessons before and his brothers are members.  The 4 boys all just love it.  The mom is "catholic and is staying catholic" But we are getting to her.  She is coming along as well.  So I am excited to see where that goes.

Ryan (from Hesperia) is getting baptized on Friday!!!! And I got permission to go!! YAY!!! So I will be driving a whole 15 minutes to go there on Friday.  I also got asked to give the talk on baptism.  So it should be fun.  I am super excited!! ANOTHER BAPTISM!! WOOT WOO.  I guess all is going well for him.  I am excited to go to that.

Well I hope you all have a good day.  We have zone sports in a few minutes (and since they are doing it in honor of my birthday, I can't be late) so we are off to that.  Oh and every Monday morning we get to do ZUMBA!! haha I am so excited. President authorized it. So happy for it. 

I am so happy and loving life :) Today is great and I love you all :) Have a good week and I get to talk to you in 2 weeks :) YAY for mothers day :)

Sister Woodward

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apple Valley, California -April 21, 2014

Well since mom is dying to know-I have been transferred.  Sister Beagley actually stayed in Hesperia.  She got two new companions And I got moved to Apple Valley.  I am now with Sister Ellis and she has been out for six months. She is from Lindon, but doesn't know any woodwards.  He last companion just went home because her companion didn't want to do anything.  So we are coming from the same place and hopefully will start to work really hard and get things moving.  I am in the Sunset Hills ward.

Well sorry the email is a little late coming in.  I don't know when you will be getting them now.  New library.  New area.  New companion.  So we will see.  But it has just been a crazy morning.  We were up at 6:30.  I finished packing and cleaning.  And then we left by 8:30.  We stopped by Kenzii's house and said bye to her and her girls, and since Melanie lives right next door said bye to her and her kids.  Then we got our car washed and vacuumed and drove down to Rancho Cucamonga.  We got there by ten and had swap meeting.  I got my new companion and got to see some old friends (Sister Orr, Sister Riley,  Sister Respecia, and a few others).  Sister Beagley got her two new companions and I got Sister Ellis.

Sister Ellis seems pretty cool.  I have only heard good things about her.  She was trained by Sister Cook (my MTC companion) so she is probably great.  She has only been in this ward for 6 weeks so we are both new to it.  We live with members.  They are the Edmeyers (I think)  They are a cute older couple and seems super nice.  I just don't know where I am going to put all of my stuff.  A lot less room than when in an apartment.  I am in Apple Valley in the Sunset Hills ward.  I already checked to see in the Moores lived in this ward, but they live in the Granite Hills ward.  Maybe I will make it there and be in their ward for a bit.

Sister Ellis has been out for six months and is from Lindon.  Since her last companion was going home, she had got relaxed and didn't work too hard.  So both Sister Ellis and I have come from not the hardest working companionships and are ready to be missionaries again.  I am excited.  It should be a really good change for both of us. And it sounds like a good ward I am going to.  My last district leader used to be in this ward and he said it was his favorite.  Plus good ol' Sister Respecia is in my zone (maybe my district too) So I get to see her again. I am so excited! She is so sweet.  I am so so happy to have her close by.  Also Sister Haupt is now home.  She flew out this morning. How sad is that? Real sad. :(

Well the last week in Hesperia wasn't too bad.  We knew one of us was leaving and it was just a struggling week for Sister Beagley.  She wasn't ready for a new companion.  But Ryan came to church and his baptism is in less than two weeks.  I hope that President gives me permission to go back to it.  It isn't too far away (maybe 10 minutes) So pray that I can go back. 

Kenzii didn't make it to church again.  She was up and getting ready to go and then her boyfriend got sick and even though he still had to go to work, she wanted to stay home for the 30 minutes he would be there after church started and not come to church.  So maybe next week she will come again. 

We had an easter egg hunt and breakfast on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun.  It was combined with another ward.  Lots of people came.  Melanie, Kenzii, and their kids all came.  They loved it.  Afterward Kenzii told us that she was stressed out in the morning and didn't feel like going.  Once she got to the church, everything was good and she felt so calm and peaceful.  She was just so surprised that even though it wasn't worship services, she still could feel the difference just being at the church made in her life.  So that was fun and exciting to hear.  I told her when she gets baptized I would come back for it-so hopefully that will help her move along.

Our less active, Becky, that we have been working with came to the breakfast and to church on Sunday.  The first time since December!! We were so happy to see her there.  It took a lot of work from us and Shayla and Lane Davidson (our members).  Members make a difference. 

Well Easter sounds like fun.  I didn't have any eggs so I haven't used my kit yet, but I have some now and will die some eggs soon.  I did get my package and it was A LOT of candy. I  have a whole box full of candy.  I am getting fat.  Thanks mom.  And I do have a new address, but I don't know what it is.  I will try and get it before I leave the library so you can send my stuff to me-if not, then I guess it will come late.

Well I am off.  I will talk to you all later.  

Love you all,
Have a good week
Sister Woodward

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hesperia, California -April 14, 2014

Hey family,

This week wasn't too bad for us.  We are starting to work with Melanie's 10 year old boy, Ryan.  Ryan just never got baptized because Melanie didn't use to be very active.  But then she got a divorce and moved back to Hesperia where her parents live, and have become more active.  And Ryan decided he wanted to get baptized.  So we have a date set for the 2nd of May.  Melanie and her parents are already planning for his baptism.  And he came to church, so we finally got an investigator at church!! And hopefully next week we will have two!

We are still working with Kenzii as well.  She has been staying with Melanie for the last few weeks because she had to move, and her she can't get into her new apartment until Wednesday.  So Kenzii has been there for the lessons with Ryan.  We can't wait for her to get her own place though because the lessons are just too crazy with Melanie and her 3 kids, Kenzii and her boyfriend and their 2 kids.  So when Kenzii gets her own place, it will probably just be Kenzii.  She was super sick yesterday so she couldn't come to church, but she is planning on coming this Sunday.  She really liked conference and can't wait to come back to church.  And since next Sunday is Easter, that should help motivate her to come.  But Kenzii has a few more things to learn and work though then Ryan does, so it will take a little long until she can get baptized.

Our new ward mission leader is great.  He just got released as a high councilor, and is just going going going.  We already have a ward barbeque set up for the 10th of May where we will invite all the less actives and investigators to come.  Then the ward will be able to come and meet and fellowship them.  It should be really good and Kenzii is excited for it.  I mean free food, who wouldn't be?  And this Saturday we are having an Easter breakfast and Easter egg hunt for the Primary, so Kenzii and Melanie are planning on coming to that as well. We have a lot of good things going for us right now.  After two months of everything being so slow, it is finally going somewhere.

Well I hope you all have a good Easter.  Have fun at grandmas looking for eggs and coloring them. Tell her hello from me.

And I guess Kelsey is officially engaged.  You forgot to mention that in your email.  That is probably the biggest news of the week and you don't even tell us-fail. 

Well that is about all from Hesperia this week. I don't think I have any funny stories for you this week.  I will try and get some pictures off to you soon.  Maybe next week.  Who knows.  

Love you all,
Sister Woodward

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hesperia, California -April 7, 2014

Hi family,

Well I have been staring at this blank page for a few minutes now.  I just don't know what to say or where to start.  Missions just get the best of you and really bring out every emotion in you.  The reason for my email being so late today is because from 9 to 230 we were down in San Bernardino for a doctors appointment.  We had to drive to the mission office, then Sister Deputy had to drive us to our appointment.  The appointment was at 11 and we didn't even get out of the waiting room until 1230.  Then it was past 1 once we saw the doctor.  Our entire p-day was gone.  We left the doctors by 130 and drove back to the mission office, and then back home.  We got home at 230 and went and did about 40 minutes of emailing.  Then we left and played some sports with our zone.  So even though we didn't really have time to go there today, I needed to go.  I need to play and goof around.  Zone sports each week is what keeps me sane and keeps me going.  So we ran off to that until about 5 and came back to the library.  After I finish your email, then we will be off to do our shopping.  So we won't be out working right at six-well obviously, since it is past six-but we just didn't really have a choice today.

We had two service projects this week.  We got to help a lady do her laundry (yeah I know.  We weren't warned before hand) And then we help another couple weed their backyard.  They went on a mission a little bit ago, and when they got home, their entire backyard had turned to weeds and so we helped clean it out.  We got four other missionaries over as well.  That was a lot of fun.  They are a great couple.  We enjoyed it.

Kenzii watched conference this weekend! YAY!  We were so excited.  We actually asked Melanie (less active member. Kenziis best friend) if we could watch it with them.  She said yes. So Saturday morning we headed over there.  Kenzii is moving in next door to Melanie but has a few more days til she can get the key, so she was asleep on the floor.  I figured she would probably fall asleep again.  But she didn't.  Conference started and the first real speaker was Elder Holland and he had a pretty bold talk.  Melanie kept talking through the whole thing, and finally Kenzii turned to Melanie and said, "Shhsh We only have a few hours of this and I want to listen"  So that was really cool.  She watched that whole session.  Then they started the afternoon session (we went to another members house) and got bored by the statistical report and just turned it off.  Sunday morning they missed, but we went back over for Sunday afternoon and they kind of watched that.  The only problem was right as it started, Kenziis boyfriends parents showed up-they are Jehovah witnesses.  They were nice and all but I think Kenzii didn't want to admit she was investigating with us, so we missed a bunch of it because she was with them.  But she saw the last little bit.  But all that matters is she watched some of it and enjoyed it.  She said she is coming to church this Sunday so hopefully Satan doesn't get her now.

There is another potential name Brenda who we are starting to work with.  Her husband is a less active and she is good friends with a member.  So our member, Shayla, has been working with her and yesterday Brenda decided she wanted to go to church-of course it had to be yesterday right?  Well Shayla text us today and told us that Brenda decided to watch part of conference on her own instead.  So that was exciting! Yay.

We got a new ward mission leader.  He has been one before and is already in full mood and doing everything he can.  I think he is really going to help with the work. Our last one was just struggling with a lot of things, and it was obvious.  He just couldn't even concentrate on helping us.  So I am excited to start working with Brother Kirby.  Things are looking good for us and our ward.  It should be good.  At least Sister Beagley is doing better and we can work a little more.  And there are only 2 weeks left in the transfer. 

Well I gotta go.  Love ya all

Sister Woodward