Monday, April 14, 2014

Hesperia, California -April 14, 2014

Hey family,

This week wasn't too bad for us.  We are starting to work with Melanie's 10 year old boy, Ryan.  Ryan just never got baptized because Melanie didn't use to be very active.  But then she got a divorce and moved back to Hesperia where her parents live, and have become more active.  And Ryan decided he wanted to get baptized.  So we have a date set for the 2nd of May.  Melanie and her parents are already planning for his baptism.  And he came to church, so we finally got an investigator at church!! And hopefully next week we will have two!

We are still working with Kenzii as well.  She has been staying with Melanie for the last few weeks because she had to move, and her she can't get into her new apartment until Wednesday.  So Kenzii has been there for the lessons with Ryan.  We can't wait for her to get her own place though because the lessons are just too crazy with Melanie and her 3 kids, Kenzii and her boyfriend and their 2 kids.  So when Kenzii gets her own place, it will probably just be Kenzii.  She was super sick yesterday so she couldn't come to church, but she is planning on coming this Sunday.  She really liked conference and can't wait to come back to church.  And since next Sunday is Easter, that should help motivate her to come.  But Kenzii has a few more things to learn and work though then Ryan does, so it will take a little long until she can get baptized.

Our new ward mission leader is great.  He just got released as a high councilor, and is just going going going.  We already have a ward barbeque set up for the 10th of May where we will invite all the less actives and investigators to come.  Then the ward will be able to come and meet and fellowship them.  It should be really good and Kenzii is excited for it.  I mean free food, who wouldn't be?  And this Saturday we are having an Easter breakfast and Easter egg hunt for the Primary, so Kenzii and Melanie are planning on coming to that as well. We have a lot of good things going for us right now.  After two months of everything being so slow, it is finally going somewhere.

Well I hope you all have a good Easter.  Have fun at grandmas looking for eggs and coloring them. Tell her hello from me.

And I guess Kelsey is officially engaged.  You forgot to mention that in your email.  That is probably the biggest news of the week and you don't even tell us-fail. 

Well that is about all from Hesperia this week. I don't think I have any funny stories for you this week.  I will try and get some pictures off to you soon.  Maybe next week.  Who knows.  

Love you all,
Sister Woodward

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