Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apple Valley, California -April 21, 2014

Well since mom is dying to know-I have been transferred.  Sister Beagley actually stayed in Hesperia.  She got two new companions And I got moved to Apple Valley.  I am now with Sister Ellis and she has been out for six months. She is from Lindon, but doesn't know any woodwards.  He last companion just went home because her companion didn't want to do anything.  So we are coming from the same place and hopefully will start to work really hard and get things moving.  I am in the Sunset Hills ward.

Well sorry the email is a little late coming in.  I don't know when you will be getting them now.  New library.  New area.  New companion.  So we will see.  But it has just been a crazy morning.  We were up at 6:30.  I finished packing and cleaning.  And then we left by 8:30.  We stopped by Kenzii's house and said bye to her and her girls, and since Melanie lives right next door said bye to her and her kids.  Then we got our car washed and vacuumed and drove down to Rancho Cucamonga.  We got there by ten and had swap meeting.  I got my new companion and got to see some old friends (Sister Orr, Sister Riley,  Sister Respecia, and a few others).  Sister Beagley got her two new companions and I got Sister Ellis.

Sister Ellis seems pretty cool.  I have only heard good things about her.  She was trained by Sister Cook (my MTC companion) so she is probably great.  She has only been in this ward for 6 weeks so we are both new to it.  We live with members.  They are the Edmeyers (I think)  They are a cute older couple and seems super nice.  I just don't know where I am going to put all of my stuff.  A lot less room than when in an apartment.  I am in Apple Valley in the Sunset Hills ward.  I already checked to see in the Moores lived in this ward, but they live in the Granite Hills ward.  Maybe I will make it there and be in their ward for a bit.

Sister Ellis has been out for six months and is from Lindon.  Since her last companion was going home, she had got relaxed and didn't work too hard.  So both Sister Ellis and I have come from not the hardest working companionships and are ready to be missionaries again.  I am excited.  It should be a really good change for both of us. And it sounds like a good ward I am going to.  My last district leader used to be in this ward and he said it was his favorite.  Plus good ol' Sister Respecia is in my zone (maybe my district too) So I get to see her again. I am so excited! She is so sweet.  I am so so happy to have her close by.  Also Sister Haupt is now home.  She flew out this morning. How sad is that? Real sad. :(

Well the last week in Hesperia wasn't too bad.  We knew one of us was leaving and it was just a struggling week for Sister Beagley.  She wasn't ready for a new companion.  But Ryan came to church and his baptism is in less than two weeks.  I hope that President gives me permission to go back to it.  It isn't too far away (maybe 10 minutes) So pray that I can go back. 

Kenzii didn't make it to church again.  She was up and getting ready to go and then her boyfriend got sick and even though he still had to go to work, she wanted to stay home for the 30 minutes he would be there after church started and not come to church.  So maybe next week she will come again. 

We had an easter egg hunt and breakfast on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun.  It was combined with another ward.  Lots of people came.  Melanie, Kenzii, and their kids all came.  They loved it.  Afterward Kenzii told us that she was stressed out in the morning and didn't feel like going.  Once she got to the church, everything was good and she felt so calm and peaceful.  She was just so surprised that even though it wasn't worship services, she still could feel the difference just being at the church made in her life.  So that was fun and exciting to hear.  I told her when she gets baptized I would come back for it-so hopefully that will help her move along.

Our less active, Becky, that we have been working with came to the breakfast and to church on Sunday.  The first time since December!! We were so happy to see her there.  It took a lot of work from us and Shayla and Lane Davidson (our members).  Members make a difference. 

Well Easter sounds like fun.  I didn't have any eggs so I haven't used my kit yet, but I have some now and will die some eggs soon.  I did get my package and it was A LOT of candy. I  have a whole box full of candy.  I am getting fat.  Thanks mom.  And I do have a new address, but I don't know what it is.  I will try and get it before I leave the library so you can send my stuff to me-if not, then I guess it will come late.

Well I am off.  I will talk to you all later.  

Love you all,
Have a good week
Sister Woodward

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