Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apple Valley, California -April 28, 2014

Hey family,

Well thanks for all the family updates.  It sounds like a lot is going on at home.  I am not too sad I am missing it actually.  Sounds a little crazy for me.  Life is not as crazy out here in California.  Hopefully soccer goes well for you and good luck with dinner with the missionaries.  It is good to hear that you are doing your own missionary work at home.  Good Job!! Proud of you all. 

Thanks for the package.  I got it on Thursday I think and had to just sit and stare at it until today.  But I did wait until today to open it.  I am wearing some of the clothes and was very happy to see that there was no candy in it :) and thanks for the cd.  Sorry I gave you the wrong title, but you got the right one :)  So good job.  It was all wonderful and I like it all. And my companion was pretty excited to see the book.  She said she wanted to read it so bad.  So thank you.  We both enjoy it. 

And the new ward is really great.  The people seem good.  The members we live with (The Ebmeyers) are so great.  They are a sweet older couple.  They joke around with us and take such good care of us.  They have a pretty big extended family who all live relatively close, so they are all over a lot, which equals SO much food.  So the Ebmeyers get mad if we buy groceries because what is 2 more to the group already.  Of course we still do, but they are so cute.  And Sister Ebmeyers dad is 93 and plays the organ in church each week. haha So funny.  We just love him as well.  I will need to get some pictures and send them off soon.  Maybe I will just print them and mail them to you.  That is easier.  They are throwing a "surprise" party for me tonight.  I am not supposed to know, but when I was getting ready, my companion went out to talk to them, and they aren't quiet, and the house is so far from sound proof, that I heard it all.  Haha  It should be good.  I will get pictures :)

Sister Ellis is so much fun! I just love her.  She is a whole lot like my roommate Maddie.  We have a lot of fun and it is going to be a great transfer.  But I swear her and Maddie could be the same person.  We have had a good week though.

This week we have spent mainly just meeting the ward and getting to know them.  Sister Ellis has only been here six weeks so she really doesn't know the ward super well.  So it is good.  We have one investigator family, the Villaruels (I think that is how you spell it).  There is mom and dad, and the 4 sons.  The dad has had the lessons before and his brothers are members.  The 4 boys all just love it.  The mom is "catholic and is staying catholic" But we are getting to her.  She is coming along as well.  So I am excited to see where that goes.

Ryan (from Hesperia) is getting baptized on Friday!!!! And I got permission to go!! YAY!!! So I will be driving a whole 15 minutes to go there on Friday.  I also got asked to give the talk on baptism.  So it should be fun.  I am super excited!! ANOTHER BAPTISM!! WOOT WOO.  I guess all is going well for him.  I am excited to go to that.

Well I hope you all have a good day.  We have zone sports in a few minutes (and since they are doing it in honor of my birthday, I can't be late) so we are off to that.  Oh and every Monday morning we get to do ZUMBA!! haha I am so excited. President authorized it. So happy for it. 

I am so happy and loving life :) Today is great and I love you all :) Have a good week and I get to talk to you in 2 weeks :) YAY for mothers day :)

Sister Woodward

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