Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apple Valley, California -May 5, 2014

Hello there.

Well I this might be a little shorter than normal.  You just got a whole lot of pictures from me (I hope they all worked out) And I get to talk to everyone on Sunday!! YAY!!!!

Ryan's baptism was really good. It was fun to go back and see my old friends from Hesperia.  Everything went really smoothly.  No problems.  Kenzii has gall stones so she wasn't able to make it though.  I was pretty bummed about that.  But I sent some good pictures of it.  At least I hope they were good.  I couldn't really see... :)

Well I am glad that we beat the evil emperor Zurg again.  That is pretty impressive.  Good job girls!! Keep up the good work and never go to play for them!  You girls are obviously too good for them.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I did remember.  In fact I told my companion and then said I was an awful daughter because I didn't send you anything.  You can ask her.  She will be my witness. 

This was a pretty slow week for us.  We didn't get to meet with the Villarruels.  But we have an appointment for Wednesday with them.  We spent most of the week trying to meet the active members of the ward.  We also spent some time with the elders in the ward going over the entire ward list and talking about every family.  That took a long time!!  We went tracting, no successes yet.  And one morning we both woke up so dizzy neither of us could stand up straight.  I am not sure what it was.  We thought maybe we were dehydrated, but we drank lots of water and it didn't get better,  We didn't trust ourselves to drive if we couldn't stand up straight, so we didn't go anywhere. 

This next week should be better.  I am excited for it.  We get along great.  We both want to work and are ready.  Things should get moving quickly here.  It should be a good transfer.  And don't worry, the Ebmeyers are taking real good care of us. 

Well I guess I will be calling about 730ish your time.  Maybe 715ish.  Just whenever we finish dinner.  I can't wait to talk to you all.  Have a good week!!

Love Sister Woodward

Bishop and Sister Clawson from Rancho

Sister Demayo and Maddie from Rancho

Sister Woodward and Sister Beagley

Melanie, Sister Woodward, and Kenzii

Jolene, Ryan, and Sister Woodward

Sister Packer, Sister Beagley, Ryan, Sister Woodward, and Sister Johnson

Zone in Hesperia, California

Sister Woodward and the Davidsons in Hesperia

Sister Woodward's birthday party

Sister Woodward's birthday party

Sister Ellis and Sister Woodward

Matching Minnie and Mickey Mouse PJ's

Sunset in the California Desert 

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