Monday, March 31, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 31, 2014

Hey family,

On Saturday, all the sisters in the mission got together for a sisters conference.  We had lunch and did a few activities then we got to watch the General Women's Broadcast (which was really really good)  So that was a lot of fun.  I love getting together and seeing my old buddies.

Well tomorrow is a new month.  I am really excited because we have been out of miles all week and have either been walking or bumming rides off our members.  When the elders borrowed our car last week, they went 83 miles, and left us with 10 for the next 7 days-not quite do able.  So tomorrow we get new ones and I am really excited for that.  We will finally be able to drive again. 

We did get to go on exchanges this week and that was fun.  I got to go to Victorville with Sister Cook-not my MTC companion though.  We had a lot of fun.  I enjoyed it.  I do like going on exchanges.  I like Sister Cook.  I was super scared to go with her at first because she is really really intimidating, but in the end it was good and we had a fun time.  It was just SO cold and for some weird reason all of our lessons were outside and since we were on exchanges I didn't have a coat.  So that was adventurous.  And we sure met some interesting people on that exchange-there are crazies in Victorville.  Let me tell you what.  It was quite the day.

Well we have an appointment today. So I have to go.  While we were on exchanges this week, my companion set it up, so we are off to that. 

Talk to you all later.  Love ya bunches
Sister Woodward

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 24, 2014

Hey Family,

It was an interesting week. The car was super messy so I finally took out all of the junk.  Then by Tuesday it was a mess again, and on Tuesday we get our cars checked.  So when Elder Browning went to check our car, I said in a joking way, "Hey would you mind judging down the middle?"

Later that night, Elder Browning called and said he had something for Sister Beagley. So they showed up at our apartment.  He had gone and bought her a basketball.  Sister Beagley needed something to relieve her stress and that was one thing she could still do.  So that made her happy.  So that was good.  It was just good to know that there are people here willing to help especially when you are having a hard time.

My companion is still really sick and it is still really frustrating.  She  doesn't follow her diet at all, but claims she does.  I think she had pizza every day this week, and that is so off limits for her.  So she is not getting better at all.  And I can't make her eat or not eat something.  So Sister Deputy (the mission nurse) asked her to keep a food journal of everything she eats.

Well that might be all for me.  I am almost outta time.  I have three sisters waiting on me-the elders take our car on p-day so they can get around and we carpool with other sisters.  So I am gonna sign off.  I hope all is going well.  We have exchanges this week and I am super excited and we have a sisters conference this Saturday.  So Saturday we get to go to Rancho and get with all the sisters in the mission and have some fun and then watch the general broadcast.  I am looking forward to that.

Well I love ya all
Sister Woodward

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 17, 2014

Hey Family,
Well that was probably one of dad's top emails.  I am going to print that one off and stick it in my journal.  It sure made me laugh cause it sounds just like dad.  It was great.  Thanks for making my day.  Dad's letters are just amazing! Let me tell you.  I hope those are going on the blog as well for everyone to see.  Mondays are my favorite day as well.  I never would have said that at home, but on the mission, it is how life goes.  And I HATE Monday holidays.  They are the worst.  Never would have said that at home either.  And once I get home, then it will all change back again.
Well I am sure that you are all just dying to know how my lunch with Sister Hobbs went.  It was so so so good.  I just love that woman.  She is amazing.  I met her at the mission office.  When we got there, my companion thought I was going to go to the doctors with her because I never mentioned that I was going to talk to Sister Hobbs.  So when we got there, President Hobbs pulled me into his office for a second and Sister Deputy and Sister Beagley left.  President just asked me how I was doing and then asked how Sister Beagley was doing with her health issues.  I told him and that was all.  Then I went with Sister Hobbs and we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  I guess that is her favorite fast food place, and President doesn't like it very much, so when she has someone else to go with, she loves it.
So we went and got lunch and then just sat and talked for about an hour.  It was good.  Sister Beagley's doctor's appointment was in San Bernardino, so they left 45 minutes before it started to make sure they got there on time, then she had the appointment, and then they had to drive back.  So it gave me plenty of time to visit with Sister Hobbs.  She asked me about everything pretty much-family, companion, investigators, the work, the ward-everything.  And I told her pretty much everything.
Well that was just for Monday.  Well on to the rest of the week-get ready.  It has been one long week.  So The housing coordinator, Elder Crahan gave our new apartment keys to the assistants.  They forgot and misplaced them.  So we had no keys.  We finally hunted them down and went to our new apartment.  We kept the keys to our old apartment to use the fridge in there.  We werent' getting a fridge until Wednesday.  So I told Elder Crahan that we had the keys and I also called the mission office to let them know that we had the keys and to tell Elder Bowman (one of the missionaries in the ward with us now).  Well someone everyone forgot that I had the keys-get to that later.  So for three days we were living out of two apartments about 7 miles apart-used up our miles real quick.  Also, since we were at a new place, we had to put together everything.  We assembled our table, chairs, and beds.  We had to unpack new dishes, pans, silverware, ect.  So we were quite busy with all of that.  It was okay because everything we have now is brand new.  Not worn down from 5 years of missionaries.  They are sanitary and clean and new.  So that is a plus.
Then on Wednesday the sister training leaders wanted to stop by.  They brought a ton of Sister Haupts food.  We were supposed to get it to her later that day.  So later we get a call from the assistants.  They want to know if we have any idea what happened to the Elders apartment key.  No one seemed to know and they were on their way up the hill (into the desert) and didn't have a key yet.  So we told them we had it.  We then got a call from Sister Haupt saying that she wanted her stuff the same time we were meeting the assistants.  So we ran home got all her stuff and met her as well.  We handed over the keys and food and went to our investigators house with plans to meet up with the elders in 45 minutes to split the area.  We told them how to get to the church and took off.  At the time we were supposed to be at the church, there were no elders, so we waited for about fifteen minutes.  We then decided to drive back to their apartment on the route I told them to take.  We got there and no one was home.  So we knocked on the neighbors door (she is a way cool member of the ward) and she told us they started walking to the church, but she had given them different directions.  So we raced back to the church and got there the same time as the Elders.  By this point, we had 10 minutes til dinner and had no time to do anything.  So we talked for about 5 minutes about a few things, and gave them a ward list.  I guess the mission ran out of supplies for this transfer so the Elders had nothing-no ward list, no area book, no supplies, and no phone-yeah no phone! Plus one elder was fresh off the plane so he had no bike yet.
So we called their dinner and arranged a ride for them.  Then we called their dinner for the next day and got a ride for that.  We raced to our dinner.  The next day our district leader called us up and said that he was with Elder Bowman and had a few questions for us.  So we went back to the church and met with 4 elders-our district leader was their phone and their rides for a few days.  We talked about the ward and gave them a few names to focus on.  Then we ran off.  We had to go to a members home and get money for the elders dinner the next week and take it to the dinner they were having that night to make sure it got to them.  So just to make a longer story not so long, this was how our whole week was.  Missionary work was cut down because we were running errands for the elders.  On Saturday they finally got a phone and that has helped.  Now they can call their own dinners and rides.
Saturday was pretty much the best day of my mission! I loved it.  I got to carpool with Sister Haupt and her greenie down to Rancho.  I got to see Sister Morgan, my trainer, Sister McHood, Elder Seright, Elder Huntsman, and Elder Shapcott, my MTC buddies.  And I got to meet Elder Perkins and Elder Hiam from the 70 and Elder Anderson from the 12-nope not Elder Ballard.  Change of plans.  And I will tell you what-Elder Anderson is so funny! We were laughing the whole time. I had no idea, but he is a pretty hilarious man.  He talked about the atonement a lot and how it applies to missionary work.  He also talked about how most of us are close to 20 years old and how we have only lived one life, when in comparison, he is in his 60s so he has lived three lives.  He told us not to become complacent with who we are or what we do.  We still have so much time left to change and become better.  It is not too late, and it will never be too late.  We just have to keep trying and working on becoming better.  We can't just give up.
He also talked about state side missionaries.  He says that he knows most of us maybe hoped to go foreign, but didn't get to.  He said that the U.S. is the bread basket of the church. If the church stops growing in the U.S. then we are in trouble.  There are many places in the world where the church is growing so fast and will always be that way, but it HAS to keep growing in the U.S.  So many of the best missionaries (or who they think and feel will be the best) stay state side because it is so important that we are here and help the church to grow.  So that was cool to hear him say.  It was a good meeting.  I sure loved it and I got to see so many old friends!! I was happy for that. 
Well I am outta time.  I hope this week is good for you.  I love you all and will see you all in eight months!! yay :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I didn't forget-don't you worry!

Sister Woodward

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 10, 2014

The weather down here has been in the 80s.  If it is March and already this hot, I am not looking forward to the summer at all. I just hope I hit Wrightwood (I know dad, they spell it wrong down here) or Big Bear during those awful hot summer months.  They say usually Hesperia will get some snow during the winter, but we got none this year.  We weren't even close to getting it. 
Well for transfers, both Sister Beagley and I are staying together for this next transfer.  Our ward is getting split though, meaning we will have 4 missionaries in the ward.  We have some elders coming in.  I know one of the elders.  He was in Rancho with me.  He is training though, so I don't know who he will get stuck with.  Our district leader is now our zone leader and our last district leaders companion is our current district leader.  Also, Sister Haupt is no longer a Sister Training Leader and is training for her last transfer-yep she only has one left.  She goes home on Darcy's birthday.  But she is now in my district. I am very excited for that.  It should be a good six weeks.  There is a sister that is leaving today and she is from Hyrum, so she will be heading back that way.  Her name is Cherie Davis.
Well we got transfer calls on Saturday and we got told we were staying together, which I figured because Heavenly Father has his way of letting you know what is happening beforehand. I got another call saying that the elders that were coming to our ward were going to take our apartment, and we were moving to a new one.  We live lots closer to the stores and the church, and since they are on bikes it works for them to live where we live.  So then we had to pack everything up and clean the apartment by this morning.
Well let's see what has happened this week.  We had a few lessons with our investigators.  Someone got sick again so Kenzii didn't make it to church.  3 of the last 4 weeks that has been the case-ugh.  We found out that our investigator, Gina, has a girlfriend.  So that shall be fun.  She loves meeting with us and learning.  She says it has helped her in her life and makes her want to be better.  She likes the Book of Mormon and finds is interesting and actually reads it (usually a problem with investigators) but she has a girlfriend.  There is always a hang up. So we will keep working.
Sister Beagley got sick again these last few days.  Food that was supposed to be good for her is making her throw up, so we are headed to San Bernardino again today for another appointment.  While Sister Beagley goes with the mission nurse to the doctor, I get to go have lunch with Sister Hobbs, the presidents wife.  I am really excited.  She is just amazing. 
Have a good week and talk to you next week.
Sister Woodward

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 3, 2014

Hey fam,
Well one more week gone.  This week went by really quickly.  I feel like I was just here a few hours ago, typing my email from last week.  But here we are again.  One more week in the transfer.  Next week I will let you know if either me or Sister Beagley got transferred.

The meeting with the Sister Training Leaders was good.  They just wanted to stop in and see how Sister Beagleys doctor appointment went.  They sat and talked for a while.  It was good.  I enjoyed it.  They are fun.

Well the doctor told Sister Beagley is was just gastritis.  I don't know if that is true, but for now that is what they are guessing.  She has another appointment next week.  The doctor put her on a diet and prescribed medicine for her.

None of our investigators made it to church.  Satan sure has his ways of stopping people.  I wish he didn't, but he does.  Only once in the last 5 weeks have we had someone come to church-that is frustrating.  But whatever.

Well I think that is all for this week.  I am out of things to say.  Thanks for everything.  Love ya lots.  I'll let you know about transfers.  Have a good week. 
Sister Woodward