Monday, March 3, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 3, 2014

Hey fam,
Well one more week gone.  This week went by really quickly.  I feel like I was just here a few hours ago, typing my email from last week.  But here we are again.  One more week in the transfer.  Next week I will let you know if either me or Sister Beagley got transferred.

The meeting with the Sister Training Leaders was good.  They just wanted to stop in and see how Sister Beagleys doctor appointment went.  They sat and talked for a while.  It was good.  I enjoyed it.  They are fun.

Well the doctor told Sister Beagley is was just gastritis.  I don't know if that is true, but for now that is what they are guessing.  She has another appointment next week.  The doctor put her on a diet and prescribed medicine for her.

None of our investigators made it to church.  Satan sure has his ways of stopping people.  I wish he didn't, but he does.  Only once in the last 5 weeks have we had someone come to church-that is frustrating.  But whatever.

Well I think that is all for this week.  I am out of things to say.  Thanks for everything.  Love ya lots.  I'll let you know about transfers.  Have a good week. 
Sister Woodward

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