Monday, March 10, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 10, 2014

The weather down here has been in the 80s.  If it is March and already this hot, I am not looking forward to the summer at all. I just hope I hit Wrightwood (I know dad, they spell it wrong down here) or Big Bear during those awful hot summer months.  They say usually Hesperia will get some snow during the winter, but we got none this year.  We weren't even close to getting it. 
Well for transfers, both Sister Beagley and I are staying together for this next transfer.  Our ward is getting split though, meaning we will have 4 missionaries in the ward.  We have some elders coming in.  I know one of the elders.  He was in Rancho with me.  He is training though, so I don't know who he will get stuck with.  Our district leader is now our zone leader and our last district leaders companion is our current district leader.  Also, Sister Haupt is no longer a Sister Training Leader and is training for her last transfer-yep she only has one left.  She goes home on Darcy's birthday.  But she is now in my district. I am very excited for that.  It should be a good six weeks.  There is a sister that is leaving today and she is from Hyrum, so she will be heading back that way.  Her name is Cherie Davis.
Well we got transfer calls on Saturday and we got told we were staying together, which I figured because Heavenly Father has his way of letting you know what is happening beforehand. I got another call saying that the elders that were coming to our ward were going to take our apartment, and we were moving to a new one.  We live lots closer to the stores and the church, and since they are on bikes it works for them to live where we live.  So then we had to pack everything up and clean the apartment by this morning.
Well let's see what has happened this week.  We had a few lessons with our investigators.  Someone got sick again so Kenzii didn't make it to church.  3 of the last 4 weeks that has been the case-ugh.  We found out that our investigator, Gina, has a girlfriend.  So that shall be fun.  She loves meeting with us and learning.  She says it has helped her in her life and makes her want to be better.  She likes the Book of Mormon and finds is interesting and actually reads it (usually a problem with investigators) but she has a girlfriend.  There is always a hang up. So we will keep working.
Sister Beagley got sick again these last few days.  Food that was supposed to be good for her is making her throw up, so we are headed to San Bernardino again today for another appointment.  While Sister Beagley goes with the mission nurse to the doctor, I get to go have lunch with Sister Hobbs, the presidents wife.  I am really excited.  She is just amazing. 
Have a good week and talk to you next week.
Sister Woodward

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