Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 24, 2014

Hey Family,

It was an interesting week. The car was super messy so I finally took out all of the junk.  Then by Tuesday it was a mess again, and on Tuesday we get our cars checked.  So when Elder Browning went to check our car, I said in a joking way, "Hey would you mind judging down the middle?"

Later that night, Elder Browning called and said he had something for Sister Beagley. So they showed up at our apartment.  He had gone and bought her a basketball.  Sister Beagley needed something to relieve her stress and that was one thing she could still do.  So that made her happy.  So that was good.  It was just good to know that there are people here willing to help especially when you are having a hard time.

My companion is still really sick and it is still really frustrating.  She  doesn't follow her diet at all, but claims she does.  I think she had pizza every day this week, and that is so off limits for her.  So she is not getting better at all.  And I can't make her eat or not eat something.  So Sister Deputy (the mission nurse) asked her to keep a food journal of everything she eats.

Well that might be all for me.  I am almost outta time.  I have three sisters waiting on me-the elders take our car on p-day so they can get around and we carpool with other sisters.  So I am gonna sign off.  I hope all is going well.  We have exchanges this week and I am super excited and we have a sisters conference this Saturday.  So Saturday we get to go to Rancho and get with all the sisters in the mission and have some fun and then watch the general broadcast.  I am looking forward to that.

Well I love ya all
Sister Woodward

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