Monday, March 31, 2014

Hesperia, California -March 31, 2014

Hey family,

On Saturday, all the sisters in the mission got together for a sisters conference.  We had lunch and did a few activities then we got to watch the General Women's Broadcast (which was really really good)  So that was a lot of fun.  I love getting together and seeing my old buddies.

Well tomorrow is a new month.  I am really excited because we have been out of miles all week and have either been walking or bumming rides off our members.  When the elders borrowed our car last week, they went 83 miles, and left us with 10 for the next 7 days-not quite do able.  So tomorrow we get new ones and I am really excited for that.  We will finally be able to drive again. 

We did get to go on exchanges this week and that was fun.  I got to go to Victorville with Sister Cook-not my MTC companion though.  We had a lot of fun.  I enjoyed it.  I do like going on exchanges.  I like Sister Cook.  I was super scared to go with her at first because she is really really intimidating, but in the end it was good and we had a fun time.  It was just SO cold and for some weird reason all of our lessons were outside and since we were on exchanges I didn't have a coat.  So that was adventurous.  And we sure met some interesting people on that exchange-there are crazies in Victorville.  Let me tell you what.  It was quite the day.

Well we have an appointment today. So I have to go.  While we were on exchanges this week, my companion set it up, so we are off to that. 

Talk to you all later.  Love ya bunches
Sister Woodward

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