Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chino, California -November 3, 2014

Hey family,

Yeah only two more weeks to hear that title.  Kinda crazy.  I bet Cameron is still not used to going by Cameron...well maybe by now, it has been two weeks.  And it sounds like they all had fun at Halloween.  I super hope mom is doing better and is starting to heal.  That really stinks.  But the riding lessons sound fun. I hope she was enjoying them until she got bucked off.  

Well this is my second to last email for the week.  I hope you enjoy it because it has been quite the week.  I hope you are ready for the craziness that has happened this week.

Monday: I lost my planner and still haven't found it.  I got a new one but it is boring and empty.  We also carved pumpkins as a zone.  Sister Cromwell and I both had super good looking pumpkins.  Pictures to follow.  
We also went to the doctor in Rancho and Sister Cromwell got a magnesium boost.  It was supposed to clear her headaches for about 8 hours and only worked for about 30 minutes...We fear there might actually be a problem in her head.  Not good.

Tuesday:  Our ward had our trunk-or-treat in the evening.  It was lots of fun.  We combined with another ward in Chino for it.  Everyone decorated the trunks and there was a costume contest, chili contest, pumpkin contest and car decorating contest.  We as missionaries and supposedly impartial got to judge the costumes and the cars.  The Elders in the other ward did the other two.  It was fun.  We even decorated our car! It looked good. Pictures to hopefully follow.

Wednesday: I got my departing devotional invitations and in the evening when Sister Cromwell's head was too bad to work, I started addressing those.  Nothing much else happened that day.

Thursday:  Sister Cromwell was super bad.  We spent most of the day inside.  Headaches and weird dilated pupils.  Lots of board games and sleep.  Ha We were also able to deliver thank you cards to our members since we had time to write them all.

Friday - Well this is where the fun begins! Our car started having some serious issues with the steering and the traction control.  It wouldn't go up any hills and our area has some serious hills.  So we had to get our car towed and that was fun. How are you supposed to cover a canyon without a car? you don't!  Sister Cromwell is banned from bikes and since my ankles are still healing, I am banned from walking long distances.  So we were once again inside. But we made the most of it by playing several games of skip-bo, making delicious halloween treats, and defrosting a fridge that went wacko with a blow dryer.  During the making of halloween treats, I possible burnt my finger on some boiling caramel when mixing it with popcorn.  It will leave a nice scar I am thinking.   haha the joys of being a missionary.  

Saturday - Drove to Rancho to get the only spare car at the mission office.  Yay! (don't worry that won't last long.) We had a super good lesson with one our recent converts all about the temple and taking out his endowments! It will be super good day when he actually does so! 

Sunday - Actually kinda a normal day. We had a good day at church and got one of our less-actives to come! YAY! We also out of neglect because everything else happen may have weened out of Sister Barnard that we had room inspections that day so we had to rush home and speed clean our bedroom so that we didn't get in trouble by the apartment inspectors! 

Then there is today:  So this morning we were going to the Hindu Temple for a tour-ironic that mormon missionaries are going to the Hindu Temple.  Well we were driving down the freeway and all of a sudden there was a weed whacker in the middle of our lane (Who puts a weed whacker in the middle of a freeway?!!? Seriously!!)  with a semi on the left and a cement wall on the right and a semi right behind us.  So all we could do was hit the stupid thing.  Well we drove about 2 more minutes to the temple and realized that there was a giant hole in the transmission fluid thingy.  Great huh?  So there goes another car that got towed.  Once again in a Canyon ward (way worse then Smithfield Canyon) and no car, with another doctors appointment in Rancho in less then an hour! Thank goodness for good members!!  

So that was our week.  Sister Cromwell has an MRI tomorrow at 8:30 p.m.  Don't think we will be making our curfew that night.  We will let you know how it goes.  It could be a pretty crazy week for us again.  

Love you all and I hope you have a good week.  I hope Maggie is well and I will see  you in two weeks

Love Sister Woodward

Sister Cromwell and Sister Woodward

Sister Cromwell and Sister Woodward

Carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins

Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat

Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

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