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Devore, California -May 20, 2013

Sister Morgan and Sister Woodward
Hello there Family.

So this is probably about the time my emails will be coming most days.  If not later....like 430ish.  Don't expect them early in the morning like Cameron.  We get up, get ready and have studies til 10.  Then we meet with our zone for some activity (today was ultimate frisbee and gatorball) then we go shopping.  My companion was nice and let me email first today, next week she will go first, so my email will be later.  Sorry.  Hope that doesn't kill you mom.

So my companions name is Sister Morgan.  And guess where she is from? Millville. Crazy huh?  She is also 21.  She is only 2 months older then me.  She is super little as well.  She is a little taller but so skinny. haha She has only been out for three months.  She just finished her training last week right before I got here.  So she is still learning how things go as well.  It is fun.  I get along super well with her.  It's way nice.  I have really enjoyed working with her so far.

We are lucky and get to live with Sister Adams.  She is a cute old lady about 81 years old.  She is hilarious.  She is a widow.  Her husband used to be a bishop, stake president and mission president in both Spain and Guatemala.  Crazy huh?  So she knows what's going on.  You can't slip anything by her.  She makes homemade bread for us and also buys milk and eggs so we don't have lots of gallons in the fridge.  So that is nice.  I love having her bread.  So yummy.  And this will just make you laugh....So we get gophers around here a lot.  And sister Adams doesn't like them getting into her garden, so she gets our her bbgun and shoots em.  Doesn't she sound just like grandma Zelma?  It is crazy.  She cracks me up. hahah  She mows her own lawn, takes care of the house and yard.  She is still going strong.  haha It is great.  I love living her.  And a lot safer with her than other areas around here :)

So our investigators: Right now we have 2.  The first is Nicole.  She is 31 and divorced.  She has 3 boys.  The boys live in Idaho with their dad and stepmom until the summer then they will be down here.  Sister Morgan and her last comp Sister Folsom, found her tracting.  She met with the missionaries about 4 years ago.  Her mom and grandma (who she lives with) are anti mormon and that's why she stopped seeing the missionaries before.  She loves the Book of Mormon though.  She started reading it about 2 weeks ago and is halfway through Mosiah already.  She definitely feels the spirit a lot.  She is able to find so many answers to questions she has had in the BoM.  It is wonderful.  Even some questions her mom has had, she has found the answer to in the BoM.  She calls those moments "holy coincidences" haha she is super funny.  Because of her family, we didn't actually start teaching her lessons until this week.  So on Wednesday, we taught her the Restoration lesson.  She says she wants to be baptized.  We are going to set a date this week with her.  She is also trying to quit coffee even before we have taught the Word of Wisdom to her.  She was at church yesterday as well! yay! and LOVED it

Our other one is Sam.  Oh Sam. Sam is about 37 and is going to Cal State San Bernardino. So Sam just walked into church one day on his own.  He said he heard the Mo Tab online once and it really touched him so he looked into the church and came.  He has come about 4 times now.  He joined the ward choir the first day.  We taught him on Friday the Plan of Salvation and he really liked it.  He said that it all just makes sense and he it feels like he already knew it, but he has never been taught it before.   Sam is also trying to quit coffee before we taught him that lesson too.  It is great.  He has a baptismal date for June 8th then he is moving to SLC about a week and a half later. 

Both Sam and Nicole came to a baptism on Saturday.  Our Zone Leaders are over a YSA ward, and had a baptism so we were able to take Sam and Nicole to it.  They loved it so much.  They loved how personal it is and how all the focus is on the one getting baptized.  They loved the people there.  They both could feel the spirit so strongly.  Sam was even tearing up a bit.  It was wonderful! haha so great.  I was so happy that they both made it :)

We also have a lot of potentials.  Most have been referrals that we have not been able to get a hold of yet.  We have been trying to get a hold of all of them, but not much luck.  We found a girl named Kennedy though that the Spanish elders told us about.  They were just walking by her house and she ran out and wanted to meet with them.  When she was 13 she met with missionaries.  She is 16 now.  She comes from a rough home though.  She has been in and out of foster care.  She has lots of potential and you can see that she really wants to change and be in a better place in her life.  We have high hopes for her.

So cars...This is interesting.  About 2/3s of our mission actually get cars.  The church buys the cars brand new. They want the best cars for us.  Once the cars hit 50,000 miles, the church sells them.  We only have the best new cars out here.  Crazy.  I didn't realize that. 

The ward is wonderful.  They are all so friendly and nice and welcoming.  We get dinner every night.  And the ward members complain because they don't get to feed us as often as they like too.  They are all so willing to hlep up out.  There is actually a couple in the ward, that is going to Logan to get sealed on the 28th.  Super cool.

So the last few days at the MTC were wonderful.  On Sunday we had a temple walk and I ran into quite a few friends.  I did see Brenna so we have a picture of us outside the temple! It is wonderful. Love it.  That was a lot of fun.

The plane ride was good.  It wasn't very long so I enjoyed that.  It was a super small plane though.  Like smaller than the planes to Haiti.  That was interesting.  And there were 28 missionaries coming in the day I got there, so we didn't really spend too much time with the mission pres and his wife.  We met our trainers and they told us the areas, even  though none of it made any sense to me haha.  and we had lots of orientation meetings.  Then if we lived close enough to the mission office, we went back to our places for the night, and if not, then we would buddy up with another companionship and sleep with them.  Most of wednesday morning was more meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers.

So our mission has a goal of getting 350  baptisms by the first of July.  They set this goal at the end of last year.  Right now, we are around 210 so we have a long way to go.  So most of our efforts are on finding people.  We have done so much tracting this last weekish and plan to do so much more in the coming week.  We really need to be able to find people this week because they have to attend church 3 times before they can be baptized.  So this week is all about finding more people to teach!! ahhh

So my area...and yes I saved this for the end so that I could drive mom just a little more nuts ;) haha. So I work in the Hallmark ward.  I am living in a little town called Devore.  It is almost up in the mountains.  Our area covers Devore down to Muscoy and over to Devil's Canyon.  We cover campus, but the ZLs have the YSA ward, so we don't go there much cause most of the people we would find, we would have to turn over to the ZLs.  Mom, I know you are going to do this anyway, but you should definitely google earth Muscoy.  You will love the area so much!! haha It is great ;).  We are just on the outskirts of San Bernardino.  We will most likely be in the Redlands mission.  That is not set in stone though because we do have one transfer before the split.  And with so many missionaries coming in right before, things are going to get switched up.  So even though this is my training area, I might still get moved.

So every night we fall asleep to the sound of crickets and wake up to the birdies singing.  There are gophers, lizards, horses, bunnies and snakes everywhere.  Snakes are often crossing the road up by our house.  Emmie would love it here.  There has actually been a bear sighting recently by our neighbors house, and there was a coyote in our neighbors yard just the other day.  So it is an interesting area with lots of animals.  Kinda fun.  The different little towns in our area differ so much.  It is crazy.
Alrighty I will email you next week! Have a good week everyone! I love you all tons and miss you like crazy!! Keep track of the good country songs coming out and the good movies as well.  and as always....Keep Maggie safe and give her lots of love from me!!!

Sister Woodward :)

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