Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -August 19, 2013

Sister Pollard and Sister Woodward

Hey Family.

Well I am sure you have been just dying to get this email.  You all want to know where I am now living and who my greenie is.  Well I got transferred to Rancho Cucamonga.  I actually border my last area, so I really didn't move to far.  And I live in my last area as well.  It is weird to drive through and see all the houses I used to go to, and not being able to go any more. 

My new companion is Sister Pollard.  She is from Syracuse, Utah.  Big surprise huh?  Everyone out here is from Utah.  It's just where they send us all.  She is twenty.  The cool thing about her is that her family adopted her from Romania when she was three and a half.  She is great and super excited to be out here and to be serving. 

So there is a guy in my new ward named Brother McBeth and come to find out, he trained Uncle Scott on the mission.  Small world huh?  He told me how he served with a Woodward in Norway.  And I thought well maybe I am related.  Then he said he was from Preston, and his dad raised chickens.  I thought well I am definitely related.  Then he told me that he was working in Minnesota.  I asked if it was Scott and Brother McBeth told me that was his name.  Cool huh?

So this week we went to dinner and the family had a little girl who is nine and she is deaf! She reminds me so much of Gislene.  She has so many of the same facial expressions and she makes all the weird noises that nobody understands.  She is just another little Gislene.  So cute.

Well I followed Elders into this ward again.  But instead of leaving a mess in the apartment, they left a mess in the ward.  Within the first day, we already had the leadership of the ward not liking us very much. There have been some not so good elders in this ward before so the ward doesn't trust or like missionaries very much.  The bishop also doesn't let us ask members for referrals.  So the work here is going to be different from the other wards I have worked in.  I have lots to figure out and learn how to do. 

Training, new ward, new area and a ward where they don't like us gives us quite a lot on our plates.  And with both of us so new, it doesn't help them trust us anymore.   I was getting a little stressed.  Sister Haupt called me up 2 nights ago and could tell on the phone.  So Sister Haupt and her new companion Sister Ott came over last night to talk.  I went on a little walk and talked to Sister Haupt for quite a while.  She gave me some wonderful advice that should hopefully help with everything that's going on.  I just love Sister Haupt so much and I can't wait til you guys get to meet her one day. 

Well other than that, not much is going on.  We are just trying to figure out the ward and the members and get everything sorted.  Hopefully by next week I will have more to talk to you guys about.  It has been a really really slow week.  I feel like it has been months since I last emailed home.  I can't believe it has only been a week.  I hope time picks up again soon. 

Congrats to the girls getting first place! That's amazing!! And a great way to go into the La Roca game this weekend! Hopefully they can kick some La Roca butt!!

Well have a good week. I will talk to you next week.

Love you all tons
Sister Woodward

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