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Devore, California -June 3, 2013

Hey there family.

So things are a little different today for P-day.  Sister Morgan and I decided not to go to zone sports.  Later today we are going with our distric to the McDonalds Museum. haha So that should be exciting.  We are doing that about 3 and have dinner at 6 so we will also just do our shopping later as well.  That is why you are getting my letter so early.  A nice surprise for mom :)

So this week....has been rough.  Not my best week out here.  We went to the pet cemetery and there were some real funny headstones.  Oh my.  We got some good pictures.  The 2 best ones...are you ready?  "Debs Dead Cats" and....."the urinator" hahah We were dying!  Good thing it is in the middle of no where, and no one was around!!  It made our day!
At the Pet Cemetery
So this week we had about 5 appointments with less actives that ALL fell through.  We got a bunch of referrals, and not one of them was interested in learning more.  We had about 10 lessons, that ALL fell through.  And worst of all, our super solid investigator, Nicole, dropped us.  Her family is super anti, and her mom found a website that said Joseph Smith changed the bible a ton and added on to it and in Revelations, it says that we aren't supposed to change or add on to the book of revelations, but every thinks it means the bible.  And that just hit home for her because she loves the bible.  So even though she got an answer from God about the Book of Mormon being true, she doesn't believe it.  She doesn't want us to clarify or help her understand what her mom read.  She just wants to be finished with the church for now.  I know that one day she will get baptized and that it is just not her time right now.  She is completely dependant on her family and could not survive with out them, literally and she needs their support.  One day it will happen, but just not now. We were supposed to have 2 familys at church as well as 2 other investigators yesterday, and Sam was the only one that showed up.  It was not good. 

But funny story from church yesterday: This guy gets up to say his testimony in church. He is a recent convert and super western. Not cute cowboy but like old western movies western. Super funny. He is also a story just imagine :) So he gets up and was talking about Albert Einstein. He said that Einstein believed in an intelligent power that controlled the universe, but not in a personal God. So then he said, (with the power and authority that he has given himself) I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that Albert Einstein was WRONG!! (bahahahah) and then to make it even better, he just sat down. That is how he ended it. My comp and I were cracking up.  It made us laugh pretty hard.  Not in church of course, because he was sitting next to us, but after.  Just imagine :)

We got kicked out an apartment complex this week.  That was fun.  We had dinner with a member in there one night, so before we were just going door to door.  Lots of people were answering and they were super nice.  So the next day, we decided to go back. We probable went to about 20 doors and then a guy came up to us and asked us to go to the leasing office.  I guess that going door to door is against the rules and so they asked us to leave.  Even better, we had 2 referrals we recieve later in the week that lived there.  So we kept going back, and the guy that asked us to go to the front office, saw us every time. 

So down here, the kids that just graduated high school, have the option to go on 2 week missions.  They get all the stuff, then get put with a companionship for 2 weeks.  They will stay in the San Bernardino mission, but not around the area they live.  We got a call yesterday from one of the APs saying that we were lucky enough to get assigned with one of them. 

Here is the situation though.  The lady we live with has a family reunion from June 10th to the 15th, so we are getting kicked out of the house.  We don't know where we will be staying for that week.  So we told the AP that.  I don't know if we will still get  to have 2 week missionary or not.  Elder Crozer (AP) said that if they decided to not give us one because of our situation, there is another 2 week mission coming up in a few weeks and we will get one then.    When we called our mission president about the housing, he told us that he remembers a fields with a couple tents in in close to our area and that he was sure it would be okay if we just slept there....Haha oh funny guy. 

Sam, our only investigator, is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!  YAY we are super excited.  It has been so great to just see all the changes he has made and see how far he has come just in these last three weeks!! it is so exciting!! So I guess this week wasn't all bad.  We had some great lessons with Sam.  He is so funny.  By the end of our lessons, with out fail, Sister Morgan, Lee Bailey (fellowshipper) and I are crying we have been laughing so hard at the things that Sam says during the lesson.  They are wonderful.  Sam is actually moving to Salt Lake on the 17th.  So about a week after he gets baptized, he is moving up your way.

Oh and I don't know if you saw, but I got a package from cameron.  He decorated a missionary planner cover for me.  It is super sweet.  I haven't got around to doing one for this transfer, but I have the best one ever for next transfer.  Just a missionary thing.  It is cool.  I will have to show it to you when I get back if you didn't see it.  I love it.  So thanks Cam bud.
Well I love you all.

Sister Woodward

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