Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upland, California -July 15, 2013

Hey family,

Well this week has been fun.  We went on more exchanges.  Exchanges are fun.  I love getting to know all the other girls in the mission.  There are so many amazing sisters out here.  These week we have decided to start finding in a different way then normal.  Since all three of us are new in the ward and we don't know anybody, and we are having no luck, we decided to start meeting all the active members of the ward.  We have started with the leadership, and then we will just work down the ward list.  We need to gain their trust as well as get to know them so we can figure out who good fellowshippers are.  So this week, that is what we have been doing.  And we are continuing to do that for the next little bit as well.  When we don't have appointments set up, then we will do tracting or other things like that, but for now, since we have no one to work with, we need the members help and are basically hunting them down til we find them.  It is crazy, but hopefully it will be worth it. 
Well that is about my week.  We still don't really have anyone we are working with. It is rough and challenging, but hopefully we will be able to find some people soon.  This is a good area.
I really am enjoying being a missionary.  I really love all the people I am getting to know.  The ward members and the people we meet on the street as well as all the other missionaries.  I love the friendships I am making with everyone.  So many people out here, I am becoming really good friends with, and I never would have met them if I didn't decide to come out on a mission.  It is hard work, but it is totally worth it.  I love it so much. 
Also there are many a people, including myself that are dying to see pictures of the family.  So while you send that other stuff off for my talk, you should also send some pictures, because I don't have any at all and I really would love some. :) thanks
I hope everyone else has a good week as well.  I hope Kelsey has had fun in Guatamala and that she comes home safely.  I hope Kendal is excited to see her as well.  haha tell both grandmas hi for me as well as Maggie.  And give Maggie lots of hugs for me.  Keep her safe.
Oh I had dinner with a family yesterday that used to live in Centerville.  Uncle Cliff was their bishop.  They wanted me to tell Cliff and Lila as well as Gary and Kristy hi for them.  So will you please tell those 4 that the Lovells say hi.  Thank you :)
Have a good week.  I look forward to your email next week. Love you all lots
Sister Woodward

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