Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Devore, California -June 24, 2013

Sister Adam-who Sister Woodward and Sister Morgan live with.
Hey family,

Well, the week sounds pretty much crazy back at home and on your trip.  I am kinda glad that I was not home to help in that craziness.  Does not sound fun in the slightest.  Dad's week sounds fun, but mom's does not.  I am glad that Megan was there and was able to help out a bit.  That was probably wonderful for mom. 

Dad, the email cracked me up.  This week we are emailing in a library instead of at Sister Adams house and I was literally laughing out loud at the stuff you wrote in there.  So funny.  It sounds like you had a great trip though.  And I love that there was a 70 year old lady going down the river by herself.  She is an epic lady.  ha That would be a funny sight to see I imagine. 

I am not quite sure all the logistics about what will happen with us being able to use internet and facebook and giving church tours quite yet.  Elder Perry made it sound like it will get to most missions within the next year.  So I don't know when it will happen for my mission, but we will see.  I am super excited though because those morning hours are the most unproductive hours ever.  We can't get any members to come to appointments with us because they are all working and going tracking is awful because we could go for 4 hours and have 2 people open their doors.  So I am really excited for this change.  I am going to enjoy it a lot. When I find out more about it, I will let you know for sure.

So big news for Sister Morgan and I.  As you know, transfers is tomorrow.  They still aren't telling us whether we are getting transferred or not, but we got a call from Elder Crozer (an AP) yesterday evening and he had some news for us.  Right now, I am half way through my training and as of tomorrow, there will be a greenie with us.  So there will be my trainer who has been out 4 and a half months who will be training me (out a month and a half) and a new sister that hasn't been out at all. 

It is going to be so weird to adjust to another sister with us.  We will figure out how to work in lessons and meetings and figure out how to get ready in the morning and fit another girl in our room and bathroom....lots of changes.  And we might move as well, which would cause a lot of changes and some stress on our companionship.  I just hope whoever we get is good and doesn't put stress on mine and Sister Morgan's companionship because we get along SO well.  I love Sister Morgan to death.  And I hope and I can learn to love our new companion just as much.  It will be interesting and hopefully super fun :)

So this morning we went bowling with most of our zone.  There were about 5 companionships out of 13 that didn't come.  The mountain district is too far away to ever come to anything.  It was really fun.  I love my zone and my district so much and I can't believe that it will be changing tomorrow.  It makes me so sad.  They are all such wonderful missionaries and I have loved getting to know them all. But I guess I will just get to know even more when things  get switched up.  And I got 3 whole strikes today!! Yeah that's right.  Be proud :)

This week was interesting.  We had some good things happen and some not so good things happen.  We got an investigator at church and her son as well.  They stayed all three hours and really enjoyed it.  We were supposed to have about 7 investigators there that wasn't as good.  There was also a baptism tomorrow night for some other Elders.  We were supposed to have four investigators come to that, and not one of them showed up.  That was super sad. 

But the baptism was amazing.  The girl that was getting baptized was only 18 years old and so stinkin cute.  She came to Sam's baptism a few weeks ago.  She got up and bore her testimony and it was so cute!! I was crying during it.  She is so ready for this gospel.  She is going to the temple Saturday to do baptisms for her grandma and other ancestors.  Krissa (the one that got baptized) also said the closing prayer and it was beautiful and so heart felt.  Both Sister Morgan and I cried during her prayer!! Such a good baptism.  I just wish my investigators would have been there to see it.  It would have helped so much in their conversion. 

So that's about my week.  We had a few good lessons.  We also made cakes for  of our investigators.  The elders said that it was a guarantee what to get people to church.  You bake a cake and put a little note in the middle saying that you couldn't wait to see them at church on Sunday.  So that's what we did.  It was fun.  It took a lot longer time to make then we realized so next time we will know we need to start first thing in the morning and work on it during our studies a little bit. 

That was about the week.  We spent a while going over former investigators and potential investigators and contacting as many as those we could.  That was a lot more productive than going tracting.  So I enjoyed that.  I feel like the work in this area is on the brink of exploding.  We are so close to having a ton of investigators and lots of work to do.  I don't know if I will be transferred or not but I hope I stay because the work is going to be good within the next few weeks I feel... I guess we will just see what happens tomorrow.  I will make sure to let you all know next week.

Have a good week and be happy and nice :)

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