Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upland, California -August 12, 2013

Well I just got Cameron's letter and read over it.  That is exciting.  It sounds like things are really going well in his area.  Its really funny that he is in Woodward.  We were all hoping for that when he left.  There is an area in my mission that is call Wrightwood, and even though it is spelt different, I think it would be funny if I ended up there....Yep that's right. I am getting transfered tomorrow.  I don't know where I will be going until tomorrow, but I will no longer be in the Upland 5th ward.  I am also going to be training, which I was expecting.  So that wasn't as surprising. 
There is just something about the Woodward family and not keeping us in areas very long.  I feel like I better just get used to moving and being changed around.  Not gonna stay in places long, just like Cameron.  Next week I will let you know who my new companion is and where we are assigned. I feel like it might be up in the desert though, either Apple Valley, Hesperia, or Victorville....So we shall see.
Sound like you had quite the fun week.  I am glad that school is finally starting up again, so mom can have a little more peace and quiet.  And Gislene finally learned to ride her bike?  Well that is exciting.  I figured she wouldn't keep riding that little bike anymore, and she loves riding her bike, so she had to figure it out sooner or later.  I am not sure if it is a good thing though, since she just takes off.  Just another thing mom has to worry about.  Good Luck. :)

That is really cool that Darcy got to go to the temple and do baptisms for the first time! How did she like it? I bet she just loved it! It is so great.  I can't believe she is that old.  The zone I am in right now gets to go to the temple next week, and I was hoping I would get to stay so that I would be able to go, but no such luck.  I haven't been since the MTC and I am really wanting to go back.
Who is going to Colorado?  Another soccer tournament.  I feel like your life is soccer soccer soccer.  Is Ky on our team now since she got cut from La Roca?  And that kinda really stinks that you have to play them twice in the fall.  At least you are in the top division.  Well let me know how the tournament goes and how the girls do.
This was good.  It has been bitter sweet.  We really started working with the ward members recently and we have been blessed with more people to teach.  A few weeks ago I mentioned Beth and Tyler who came up to us in church and wanted to take the lessons.  We met with them this week and it was amazing.  We were able to get Beth to open up and tell us her concerns last time she met with the missionaries.  We told her what our intentions were and what we expected of her.  She is really excited and looking forward to meeting with missionaries again because this time it is going to be a lot different because Sister Haupt is holding her to a higher commitment level and she loves that.  Beth also has four kids who are all older than 8.  So there are five people that Sister Haupt gets to continue to teach.  Tyler is an excommunicated member because he chose to remove his name.  He is wanted to rejoin and wants Beth and her kids to as well.
We also had a lesson with Sheri Lowen.  I don't know if I have mentioned her yet or not.  She was taught by not so good Elders a few years back.  We decided to go see if she was interested.  This was our second lesson with her.  The first one was a bit rough.  We were on exchanges that day and didn't have Sister Haupt with us.  Sheri is quite the talker and it was hard to get a word in.  This last lesson went much better though.  We told her our expectations and how it was going to work this time around with us.  The spirit was definitely there and guided the lesson.  At the end, Sheri told us that we were telling her the exact things she needed to hear at the time.  She is going to meet with Sister Haupt and her new companion next week. 
So the work in this area is really picking up, and I am leaving.  That is just how it was in my last area when I left.  I think Sister Morgan baptized someone we started working with this last weekend.  I help get the work moving, and then I leave the area.  I feel like that was Camerons calling at the beginning of his mission too. It sad to be leaving when the work is really picking up, but I am needed somewhere else so off I go. 
Well I hope this letter was good and detailed.  We don't have much time this week because we have to clean and pack.  Lots to do today.  I did get your pictures.  Thank you so so much! That made my week and my companions and Sister Winerts week.  I love that I have pictures of you guys now. 
Have a great week.  Hope to hear from you all soon.  Love you tons!!
Sister Woodward

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