Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upland, California -July 22, 2013

I don't have as much time today so my email probably will be shorter than most weeks.  I am glad that the week has gone so well for you guys.  That is amazing for Darcy!! Tell her congrats for me.  She is going to go pro one day! How exciting!!
Well guess what?? My companion is also from Cebu!! What a small world right?? They both will speak the same language and everything!!  How cool.
I am not too surprised that Tyler came over.  I am glad that you got to see him.  It is too bad that he didn't get more time to talk to.  That always stinks.  You would think that for a homecoming, they would schedule extra time for the missionary....but whatever.
Surprisingly enough, they do celebrate the 24th of July.  My last ward was having a huge carnival and this stake had a run and pancake breakfast in the morning.  We were able to go to the breakfast.  It was fun.  All the missionaries in my zone were there.
This week we went on lots of exchanges.  That is going to continue to the end of this transfer. Twice a week we have a different sister with us.  It is weird because on those days I am basically the senior companion and I am making the decisions and planning and running it all.  It is weird because I am not used to it at all and I hate making decisions, but if I don't, then nobody does.  So I am learning how :)  It is about time.
Our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader both came back into town this week after both being gone for over 3 months.  Hopefully having them back will really help the mission work move on a little.  It has been really slow.  We are still getting used to the area and the members, and without any help from the bishop or ward mission leader, it is hard and slow.  So I am glad we finally have them back. 
The Presidents wife, Sister Hobbs, came out with us this week.  She came to a few less active appointments that we had.  It was wonderful.  She was so natural and knew just what to say at the right time.  She was so kind and friendly.  I loved working with her so much.  She taught be so much in just the few hours I was with her.  She wants to come back out with us again soon.  Hopefully we will be ablet to set something up.
We don't have any new investigators.  Still just working with Joey Shafer and his dad. Hopefully that will change soon and we can find some more people to work with.  We have just been focusing all our efforts on less active members and have been able to meet with quite a few of them.  I enjoy working with them.  They are all so nice to us.  We are also have dinner every night.  Coming in after Elders isn't all bad because the members are so willing to feed us since we don't eat as much as Elders.  The ward is really loving having sisters here.  They treat us so well.  They have never had sisters in this ward so they are loving it and so are we :)
Well my time is about up.  I will talk to you next week.  you guys are the best.  Love you bunches
Sister Woodward

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