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Devore, California -June 10, 2013

Hey Family,

So I will try my best to have this email be as good as the ones I have sent in the past, but no promises.  As I mentioned, Sister Morgan and I are being kicked out of our home for the next five days due to a family reunion.  So we are moving to another member's house today until Saturday.  It should be fun, but it is cutting down on our emailing time.  But we will manage.  

So the McDonald's museum:  That is the biggest news of course.  It was awesome!! Ha so ghetto.  The original McDonald's  Is just a few miles from our house.  It is in our DLs area and so last pday our district got together and went.  It was really cool.  I got some good pictures of the Hamburgler just for Braeden.  I will send another email with a few pictures from this week.  The museum was great.  It had cases and cases of all the toys they have given out with happy meals, and all the different happy meal boxes  They had all the old shirts that have been used for uniforms.  They had big giant statues of the hamburgler and of Ronald and other characters.  There were some crazy cool stuff.  We had so much fun looking at all of it.  There is a float outside that they probably use to drive in parades and so the elders got up there and were dancing and we got some funny pictures of that.  It was a fun day.  
McDonald's Museum
McDonald's Museum
Next big news: SAM'S BAPTISM!!!  Oh it was so great.  The spirit was so strong.  The pipes in the building are super old and rusty.  So when you turn the hot water on, the water comes out orange.  Super gross.  So to get hot water in the font, you have to go about 4 hours early and carry hot water in buckets over.  We didn't know that before hand. It was either cold and clear water, or warm and orange. So we ended up filling the font with cold water.   We warned Lee Bailey (who was baptizing Sam) about the cold water, but didn't mention it to Sam.  

So Sam got in the water and was just shaking and shaking.  As Lee went to put Sam under, Sam totally froze and up and Lee almost dropped him.  He didn't end up going under all the way, so they had to do it again.  The second time, Lee shoved Sam so far under that Lees face got covered in water.  You could tell they just wanted to be out of there.  So other than the cold water, it went really well.  We had some absolutely wonderful talks and it was just a great day :)
Sister Morgan and Sister Woodward at Sam's baptism
 As I mentioned, we were supposed to get a two week missionary.  They called up and asked us to take one, then we told them about our housing complications and they said they would get back to us.  On Tuesday, they called and asked us to take one.  So we were going to go to Rancho to the housing office on Thursday for the transfer meeting and get our 2 weeker.  On Wednesday, the APs called back and said they had some cancellations and they thought it would be easier if we didn't have one.  So in the end, we did not have a 2 week missionary with us this week.  They do have another group coming up in a few weeks and we will get on then.  

So transfer meeting on the 25th of June is going to be crazy.  Since that is the last transfer before the mission president leaves and the mission splits, they want all the missionaries there.  Every single missionary in the field will be at this meeting.  They also aren't going to tell anyone who is getting transferred.  Everyone has to basically move out of their apartment.  We all have to pack everything up and clean our apartments.  We have to clean our cars and have them filled with gas.  We all have to write white wash notes just in case we get white washed out of our area.  It is crazy.  So who knows what will happen.  

We also have about 13 sisters coming in during the next transfer, and all but 2 sisters are training right now.  So there will be a couple that will finish the 12 week training program by then, but not enough for all the new sisters coming in.  So they will either be making a couple trios or having sisters train that have only been here for 6 weeks.  So that will be interesting.  And we won't even know what will happen until the 25th.  So my letter after that could be interesting.

Also the World Wide Leadership Training on the 23rd!!! That is when it is all going down.  I think about 2 weeks ago I mentioned something about the changes to missionary work and how it is going to just be a warm up to what is about to happen.  Any way, all those changes are going to take place on the 23rd.  As you probably know, they want all the full time missionaries there, and to take every missionary out of work for a few hours for this meeting is a huge deal.  And it is all about missionary work and conversion!! Oh so much is going to happen.   I can't wait for this meeting.  Things are changing quickly.

We found a few new investigators this week.  So we are going to start working with them in the coming weeks.  It should be good.  I am just excited to see where things are going to go.  The work in this area is really picking up.  It has been slow for a couple of months.  Back in January they had about 8 solid investigators who all dropped in a weeks time.  And since then, the work has slowly be going back up.  So I am excited to be here while things are picking up pace again.  

Well I will attach a few pictures in another email.  I hope you all have a great week.       Keep me updated!! Love you all bunches and will write you again next week :)

Love, Sister Woodward

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