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Devore, California -June 18, 2013

Hey Family :)

First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I hope you had a great day dad! It sounds like a you had a pretty good day and got some good presents.  I hope you enjoyed my card.  It reminded me of you and your dumb sense of humor that I love.  You are the best!! I love you so much!!

Well honestly I am glad that your water fun was not too great.  Now I am not too jealous.  The members we lived with last week, the Ashtons, had this great pool in their backyard with a slide and diving board, and we couldn't swim, so it was a little sad, but that's alright. 
Those members were amazing.  They were so funny.  They made us laugh all the time.  They are about your ages, and have no kids left at home (hahaha unlike you guys) Sister Ashton wouldn't let us buy any food.  She always had treats made for us when we came home at night.  She was so cute.  She like loved having someone to take care of. 

So the Ashtons have a granddaughter who is about 7 months old and has been in the hospital for seizures for the last few weeks.  Their son and his wife and son, needed to come stay with the Ashtons with the baby girl who has been sick.  Of course it ended up being the same week that we were staying with them.  They had already told us it was okay for us to stay with them before they found out their son was coming as well.  Since their son was there, we couldn't sleep in the house anymore.  Brother Ashtons suggested that they could get a hotel room for us, and of couse were were like um no.  We can find something else.  Anyway, what ended up happening was that Brother Ashton brought his trailer home, and we slept in the trailer in the front of the house in San B.  haha It made us laugh so hard.  Not many missionaries get the opportunities to sleep in a trailer on their mission.  It was so great.

So our first night in the trailer, we were a little nervous. Middle of the night we woke up because we heard 2 kids crying out side the trailer.  One you could tell was a little boy and he was saying that he didn't want to go.  And the other was a girl who was just crying.  We were trying to figure out what was going on.  At first Sister Morgan and I thought that kids were getting kidnapped and we were going to have to go rescue them.  Kinda scared us a bit and got our adrenaline going.  We looked out the window and realized that it was just the 2 grandkids and the parents taking the girl to the hospital.  That made  us feel a little better.  No one was getting kidnapped.  But got us scared for a moment. 

So for transfers next week, everyone in the entire mission has to pack everything up and take all their stuff to transfers.  We have to act as if we are moving out and actually being transferred.  So it is going to be crazy.  It will be a super long transfer meeting as well because they will have to go over the entire mission instead of just the areas being transferred.  And after the meeting finishes, the president is giving us an hour and a half to say our goodbyes since this will be the last time we see some of these people ever.  It is kinda sad that the mission is splitting.  It is exciting, but sad.

Sister Morgan and I are guessing, that because I am training, we will stay in the same area with each other.  Chances are, nothing will change, but we could be wrong.  We could move, or get another sister, and split up and both have new companions, or who knows what.  We are unsure still.  We really don't know.  We will just wait and see.  I don't even know what mission I will end up in, but chances are that I will be in the Redlands.

So for the mission being split, this is what I have heard.  For the Redlands mission, we will be taking some from the Riverside mission, and then three stakes from the San Bernardino mission, The San B stake, Fontana, and Rialto (I believe). For the Rancho Mission, it will basically be whats left of the San Bernardino mission, except they will gain a stake from the Arcadia mission.  

Oh I am excited that Mom will be able to go to the meeting and know everything that will be changing with missionary work the same time we do.  You better take good notes.  It is going to be crazy cool.  Our mission is SO excited for it.  As you can probably tell from my letters. And if they are taking all the missionaries out of the field for it, as well as canceling church meetings, it is going to be a big deal.  Our WML has kinda hinted it might have to do with lots of member work, but he is crazy (literally) so I don't know how much he really knows. haha.

So for missionary work this week.  It was rough.  We had tons of canceled appoinments.  We did find a new investigator who was taught my missionaries a few years ago, and found a few potentials as well.  It was completely bad, but our numbers did not look good at all.  It was horrible to report them to our DL.  But had least we found some good people that we will be able to start working with. 

We got a whole family of less active members at church yesterday.  We have been working with Teresa every week for a while, and yesterday, Teresa, her husband and daughter and dad were all at church.  So that was exciting.  I was glad they came.  I think part of it was because it was Father's Day, but they came and that is all that matters :) haha. 

We had our final lesson with Sam.  We gave him one of the new member lessons.  He is moving to Salt Lake today though, so we won't get so see him again.  He did get the priesthood yesterday though.  We were able to go while he got it.  That was fun.  So cool to see him change and see this all take place.  Such a cool experience.  I love it. 
Well I think that is it for now.  Happy Fathers day again.  I love you all and miss you guys too!!
Sister Woodward

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