Monday, June 2, 2014

Apple Valley, California -June 2, 2014

Hey Family,

Well I know you are waiting for pictures from that baptism....they won't be coming.  Why?  Well because stinker Kenzii wanted her ex boyfriend to come live with her again only 2 weeks after kicking him out for "good"  So there was no baptism on Friday.  Kinda sad.

Transfers were this week.  Sister Ellis and I are staying together up here in the beautiful city of Apple Valley.  We are excited about that.  Other news you may be interested in.  My old area in Hesperia is getting white-washed, meaning both Sister Packer and Sister Beagley are leaving it.  My favorite Sister Ott is going in with a greenie.  Sister Packer is actually coming to Apple Valley and Sister Beagley is "going to a bigger area"  Which in mission terms means she is going home. 

So in a week, two of my former companions are going home.  Kinda crazy.  I still don't know what to think of it.  Of course I have a good companion and a good area, and Satan still finds something to do to get me down.  He is one evil spirit.  Can't say guy because he doesn't have a body.  Dummy

Well it sounds like you had quite a fun week, and have quite a busy week coming up.  Chickens, soccer, wedding.  Man good luck getting through it.  At least you will have Megan and Grandma around to help do I am not sure what.  Stuff.  Babysit.  Drive.  Decorate.  Keep everyone else sane.

Our week was good.  We are working with a guy named Josh Briggs.  He really likes the lessons and he reads from the Book of Mormon and prays.  He just hasn't come to church yet.  His wife is struggling with her faith and he 18 year old son claims he is an atheist.  He doesn't wan to offend them, so he is going slowly.  We invited him to be baptized, and he said he would think about it this week.  So we will find out on Friday.

Our ward had a Philly Cheese Steak Social this week.  That was fun.  It was for adults only.  There was so much food.  Ward socials are great if you like the ward.  Um lets see what else happened....We ate some gross teriyaki food.  I bought more socks today.  We eat smoothies every day and they are soo good.  I can finally fit in the skirt you gave me at Christmas for I have lost a probably 7 or 8 pounds.  No candy, pop and a healthy smoothie for at least on meal is helping.  I just hope I can stay somewhere where there is a blender for the rest of my mission.  We decorated our planner covers.  We did some tracting.  We went to a baptism for people in Sister Ellis's last ward.  We taught some recent converts and some less active people.  We helped our favorite recent convert move down-sad day.  We lost a ward mate as he got transferred down to Upland.  We are getting Elder Swan, who was my ward mate in Hesperia.  Life is good for us. 

I hope all is good at home.  take lots of pictures at the wedding.  I want to see them next week!! Love you all

Sister Woodward
Sister Woodward loves Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree in the California desert

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