Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Apple Valley, California -June 16, 2014

Hey guys,

Well my email this week will be relatively short compared to most emails I send.  On Monday Sister Ellis' neck started bugging her a little bit.  Tuesday it was a little worse and going down her back, and by Wednesday she couldn't get out of bed.  She was in bed all day Wednesday and Thursday.  On Friday she decided to go see a chiropractor.  There is a member in Apple Valley who is a chiropractor and he works on missionaries for free. So we went to his home.  He is a 80 year old man....Yeah  So Brother Winkel adjusted her neck and back.  She said she was all out of place.  By Saturday, her neck was feeling better, but her back was even worse.  I guess it has been out of place for a while and her body had got used to it.  So when he put it back in place her body didn't like that.  We managed to make it through Church on Sunday and that about killed Sister Ellis.  I don't know how much we can even do today.  She is doing a lot better, but this last week we barely left the house.

I found a 750 piece puzzle of penguins, so it was all white, black, and yellow.  That took me from Monday to Saturday to do.  It took FOREVER.  We also watched Ephraim's Rescue and 17 Miracles.  I played the piano a lot (our members have one) and did anything else I could to waste time.  It was a long, very uneventful week. 

We managed to leave the house on Friday because we had President interviews, and you don't want to miss those.  That was good.  Short and simple.  

It sounds like everyone at home had a good week.  The pictures all came through.  They did work.  It looks like it was a good day.  Everyone looks so pretty.  Kelsey stole my favorite flowers though....hmmm I guess that is what happens when she gets married first. 

Keep me updated on the World Cup.  Let me know how it all goes.  And don't leave out any details :)

I am also glad you got my card.  I hope you enjoyed it.  When I saw it I thought that it was perfect and I had to get it.  Can't find cards any better fitted for dad now can ya?

Well have a good week.  I haven't thought of any more good ways to scare my companion, but I will let you know when I do.  It will be even better this time!

Love Sister Woodward

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