Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Apple Valley, California -June 23, 2014


Things here are pretty good.  Sister Ellis is still recovering.  Her neck is better but her back is still not.  She has to rest it a lot, but she is sick of laying down so she doesn't.  Instead she will just play the piano in the house.  So we aren't doing anything because she is hurt, but she won't rest it and put heat on it like she has been told-sound familiar at all?  So this week has been a lot of in the house again. 

One day this week, the two sisters and their two week missionary from the Desert Knolls ward came over.  One of them stayed with Sister Ellis and I went tracting with the other two.  We actually found a few good potentials and have appointments with them this week.  So hopefully this week will be better than the last few.  On Saturday we did a district blitz, which is where all the missionaries in our district go to one ward and tract a bunch of the streets in a certain area.  We went to the Desert Knolls area.  It turned out pretty well.  So this week the whole district is going to come to our area and do it.  We are hoping this will help with our finding problem.  Most of the missionaries in our zone are struggling with finding people.  So we are working on that. 

The Desert Knolls two weeker also came with us for a day.  The Sisters she is assigned with went on an exchange with the Sister Training Leaders and that companionship is struggling slightly, so they didn't want the two weeker there.  They called us up and she came with us.  It was a lot of fun. 

I don't know if I ever explained what a two week mission is.  We don't have them in Utah.  So all the boys and girls 17 and older that are thinking about going on a mission can sign up each summer for a two week mission.  They then get assigned to a set of missionaries and stay with them for the two weeks.  They do everything with them-exercise, tracting, planning, shopping-everything, that way they can experience a mission.  They usually don't assign them to missionaries with members and since this time last year and this year I have been with members, I have never got one...sad day.

We spoke in church yesterday.  It was Morgan Lacey's farewell.  She is going to Portugal.  I spoke on the talk given by Sister Burton at the women's general meeting this last conference.  It was called, Wanted: Hands and Hearts to Hasten the Work.  Both Sister Ellis and I prepared a 10 minute talk, which is what we were assigned.  Morgan was supposed to have a 20 minute talk, but couldn't get that much.  After Sister Ellis' talk, she told me to try and take up a few more minutes because her talk was maybe 7 minutes long.  I stretched mine out to 15 minutes and she got the last 15 or so minutes.  So it turned out alright.  I think we all did okay.  I didn't mess up too bad. Didn't say anything super dumb like in my farewell talk...haha

Well that is about all for now.  I love you lots.  Have a good week! 
Sister Woodward

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