Monday, June 9, 2014

Apple Valley, California -June 9, 2014

Hey family,

Well it sounds like the week went well.  I hope you had fun with all the chicks, and the audit, and the wedding and soccer tournament.  It sounds like a busy and fun week.  I am glad that everyone survived.  Good job.  I bet it was nice to have Grandma, Megan and Ben around again.   I know they sure helped a whole lot at Camilles wedding.  I wish I could have been there.  I hope you enjoyed my poem.  It was kinda dumb, but I had NO IDEA what to say, so that is what happened.  And I did it all by myself.  I asked a couple people for help and they couldn't think of anything.  I hope you actually ended up reading it and not just the part I put at the end.  If you didn't read that poem then I am officially disappointed in you all.  I hope to see pictures soon...

Our week was kinda just crazy.  On Tuesday we found the most golden investigator ever, or so we thought.  Her name is Lori.  We got her as a referral weeks ago and she never answered when we stopped by.  Finally we met with her.  She pulled up as we were walking away.  She let us in and we had an amazing lesson with her.  The spirit was SO strong and we know she felt it.  We asked her to be baptized and she said absolutely.  She loved that we have prophets and apostles because she never understood why God stopped talking to people.  She was so excited about the Book of Mormon because she always wondered if there were other books like the Bible for other people.  She even said, Finally I found someone that believes the same things I do.  

Then on Thursday night, she text us and told us that she didn't want to be converted to LDS at this time.  We were super bummed.  We stopped by the next day and she was sick.  She didn't let us in.  We left with her a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet, and the May Ensign with all the general conference talks.  We are going to go back sometime this week to see if we can figure out what happen and see if we can help her.  We are still praying that things will work out for her.

The Ebmeyers are out of town this week.  On Friday night we got home about 9.  It was dark outside by then.  I had to go change the sprinklers and so I went in the back gate to do that. I told Sister Ellis to come let me in.  We can only get in through the front door because there is a code on it.  So I changed the  sprinklers and went to the back door.  I didn't see Sister Ellis so I figured she unlocked then went to the room. I tried the door and it was unlocked so I walked it.  Then I had the thought that she was going to jump out and scare me.  I pulled out the phone and started shining it to find my way and look for her.  I got to kitchen and could hear her in the bed room.  I turned the phone to face me the exact same time that Sister Ellis came running out of the bed room to come open the back door.  She never unlocked it and had no idea I was in the house.  When I went in the door, she thought it was me just knocking.  So the house was completely black and all she could see was the phone light creepily on my face.  She freaked out.  She screamed SO LOUD and hard.  I could tell it wasn't a "Oh you just scared me" scream.  It was a "someone else is in the house and I am literally going to die right now" scream.  She fell to the floor just frozen.  I, knowing what was going through her head, froze.  I realized she had never unlocked the door and was scared out of her mind.  I tried to talk in a normal calm voice and let her know it was me, and the only thing that came out was a deep nasty man's voice.  So deep that I can't even attempt to make it again.  That sure didn't help.  She had no idea who I was and I sounded like a man.  I managed to find the lights and calm her down.  It took a while.  We were up a while trying to calm ourselves down. We then checked the whole house and no one was there.  We must have just forgot to lock the back door.  Probably scariest night of both our lives ever.  

Nothing else really happened this week.  We finally got permission to jump on the tramp for our morning exercise and I am happy about that.  I actually will enjoy exercise now.

I think that is about all for now.  The library is full today so I am not going to have as much time as normal because there is a waiting list for computers.  I hope you have a good week.  Love ya all.  Talk to you later! 

Sister Woodward

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