Monday, January 6, 2014

Rancho Cucamonga, California -January 6, 2014

Well the weather here in Rancho is still pretty great.  It is usually in the 70's during the day with sunshiny blue cloudless skies.  It couldn't get much better.  We still run our A/C at night time so we can sleep with out it being too hot.  It is wonderful.

Well lets see....New Years eve.  Well we were in by 6.  That was fun.  Luckily we have a chill district leader and he gave us permission to go play tennis.  He said as long as we stayed in our complex and didn't drive anywhere, we where fine.  So we got our tennis racquets out and played tennis, outside, on new years eve, in shorts and t-shirts.  It was quite fun.  Then we went and dyed my companion's hair brown.  That was also an adventure.  I think it turned out okay. 

Yesterday at church, everyone thought that I had a new companion.  We got a lot of, "Oh we thought you were new, but then we realized that you had the same face, just different hair color"  It was quite funny to watch peoples faces when they realized who it was. 

Well I have a great ear infection going on right now.  It is pretty painful and un fun.  I am going to call the doctor today and set up a time.  Hopefully I will be able to get it cleared up soon.  So because of that, We haven't done too much this week.  I went to an urgent care recently and they are just crap so I had to wait for a real doctor to look at my ear.  Thanks to the holidays, that made it a little difficult.  My ears have had problems for a while now.  I have seen three different doctors, got two different medicines and three different professional opinions on what is happening.  Nothing has helped at all.  It has just gotten worse.  So hopefully soon, it will get better.  I don't like being in pain and ear pain is the worse.  So that is really all that is happening here.  I have just been sleeping a lot, which is hard because it hurts and I can't lay on my right side at all.  And my left ear won't stop draining.  So if I lay on my right side I am in constant pain and if I lay on my left side I have a wet pillow from the river running out of my ear.  Pleasant huh? I sure do love it.

We visited with a couple less actives this week.  Our president and his wife have become quite the fans of the Chamberlin family, so they are working on setting up lessons at their house. So we are looking forward to that.  It should be fun.  And it will probably help Erika progress a little faster to have them helping out at lessons, since President and Sister Hobbs could actually answer the questions that are asked haha.  It should be good.

Love ya all
Sister Woodward

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