Monday, January 27, 2014

Hesperia, California -January 27, 2014

Hey family
Well since I just emailed three days ago, my email will be shorter today then normal I guess.
Well for transfer news.  I know you are all anxiously waiting to hear what happened.  So Saturday is when transfer calls come.  Both Sister Riley and I were freaking out all day because we had no idea what to expect.  So we were kinda just pointless people.  So we went and walked the bike/horse/running/walking trail that goes from Fontana to Upland.  Of course we just stayed on the part that was in our area.  We talked to those people that were easy to stop.  
At three thirty-ish we got a call from Elder Sanchez.  He told us that Sister Riley was staying and was going to be with Sister Stoffer.  We had no idea who that was, but we knew that meant I was leaving.  So then he said that I was going to.....the high desert.  Hesperia to be exact.  I am also with Sister Beagly now.  I don't know if you remember her, but she used to be in Rancho and I went on a couple exchanges with her because she was allergic to cats and couldn't be around them too much.  So we knew each other and should have fun together.  We are also white washing the area-which means that neither of us were in this area before.  So for the next few days, we will just spend all our time meeting the ward and getting used to the area.  It will be fun.  
That is about all my news for today.  I have not much else to tell you today.  The weekend we just said goodbye, packed, cleaned and took pictures.  It was crazy and went by too fast.  
Well have a good week.  Love ya all.  Talk to you next week and hopefully I will have more to tell you all.
Sister Woodward

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