Monday, January 13, 2014

Rancho Cucamonga, California -January 13, 2014

Did you know that Snoop Dog/lion actually has a house in Upland?  Well it is Mount Baldy, but part of Upland.  Sometimes people see him around getting ice cream or doughnuts.  Just all the cool people live down here.  You guys are missing out big time by living in Utah.
My ear is better.  I got some ear drops I have been using and the doctor also took a culture whatever is in my ears.  So she will try to grow that and find out what it is so that she will be able to get me the right medicine.  Well I guess that the MA really was the one that took the culture and man was she mean about it.  I thought she was going to stick that thing right through my ear drums.  I hurt so bad.  I was ready to hit her.  I was almost in tears.  I didn't like her much.  
Well news for here...My zone has a temple trip this next friday (24th) So I won't be emailing until then.  Our p-day won't be next monday, but on next friday-yeah I know 10 days with no p-day.  I might just die a little inside.  But that is okay.  Hopefully I have enough clothes to make it through ;) haha just kidding.  I will be fine.  But just a heads up. Don't expect an email next monday from me.
I might actually be able to go to the temple again soon.  One of the people we are working with (Bill Bevacco)  Is thinking of taking us over there.  He isn't a member, so he can't go in, but just to look around the grounds and stuff.  So that should be fun.  Hopefully we will get permission.
We met with the Chamberlins this week.  They are all still doing pretty good.  We are working on getting the new member lessons set up.  That is a challenge.  They are coming to church pretty regularly.  Erika misses about every other week, but at least she still comes the other weeks.  
Things have really slowed down since the holidays are over.  We still have all of our Christmas decorations up.  We just cant seem to take them down because it makes our apartment a little more homey and fun.  And we really have to need to because we are barely ever home, and we are the only ones that get to see it anyway.  
Transfers are in 2 weeks.  By the next time I email, I might have a little idea about what is going to happen.  Training calls will have gone out, but not transfer calls.  Sister Riley and I will probably be split up.  I wouldn't be surprised if we both left the area as well.  That is very possible.  I bet Sister Riley will train.  We have like 10 or 11 sisters coming out.  So quite a good number.  That will be fun.  I emailed president last week and told him I would be okay going to Barstow. haha :)  I bet that will make mom happy huh?  Actually my exact words were: Sisters in Barstow.  That sounds like a good idea right?
So we will see what happens.  If next transfer I just tell you I got moved to the desert, just assume I am in Barstow.  I figured I was born in Muscoy (mission born of course) So how much worse can Barstow be.  Muscoy was real rough.  Did I tell you we tracted into a half-way home and taught a few murderers....that was an adventure.  Oh the good ol' times I had in San B.  It great.  Dad calm mom down a bit would you.  It will be okay. I am still alive and doing well.  And don't you dare let her call President Hobbs.  Because all President Hobbs will say is that God is in charge and we will see what happens.  I can bet money on that one (because that is what he replied back to me haha) 
Well I hope you all had a good week.  Have a good week.
Well talk to you all in 11 days...ugh
Sister Woodward

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