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Rancho Cucamonga, California -January 24, 2014

Hey family,

Well I have a lot to fill you in on I guess.  It has been 11 days since I wrote last.  I did survive.  It was hard.  But we did it.  Well lets see.  I don't have my planner with me.  It is in the car, so I will actually have to use my brain to remember what we did these last few days. 

We had a family home evening lesson with the Chamberlins on Monday.  President and Sister Hobbs invited them and us over for a lesson at the mission home.  So all of us went over there and had a good lesson. Of course Sister Riley and I gave the lesson.  It was the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It went will.  Of course with those three kids, it was kinda crazy though.  We got off topic quite often.  But in the end we made it through.  We had President and Sister Hobbs help with part of it.  Part way through the lesson we heard Isabella talking about how one day her family was going to get sealed in the temple.  We have never talked to them about that so it was fun to hear her say that.  The only problem is that Erika needs to get baptized.  Over all it was good though.  

We weighed ourselves at a members home, and I won't tell you how much I weigh, just that both Sister Riley and I have gone up a bit. It is scary actually.  Anyway.  Since we were both in shock and depressed we decided we would abandon our car and walk for a day. We left our apartment and walked ALL day one day.  It was long, hot and hard.  We are both so outta shape.  We also live a mile from our area, so we needed everything we would need for the entire day.  Our lunch and all.  So lets just say, it was a waste of time.  We did get a couple lessons in, but not as many as we had hoped for.  We walked a total of 10 miles though.  By the end of the day we were so tired, and 2 miles from home with 20 minutes til curfew, that we decided to just get a ride home.  That was nice. 

President is always encouraging us to not use our cars so much, that way we can talk with more people.  We tried to do that, and there is never anyone outside.  No one to talk to.  So we walked a lot, didn't talk to many people and slept real good that night.  We still walk a little bit, but we use our car too.  Going all day without a car is hard.  I feel bad for the missionaries that have to do it.  I guess it would keep you from gaining weight.

Saturday we got a call from a member of our ward, Sister Lister.  Her daughter and daughter's boyfriend and their son are living with them right now.  The boyfriend, Jesse, has always thought mormons were so boring and straight laced with no personality.  He has a friend though, who is not the typical mormon.  He has tattoos and hasn't had the best past, but has changed and is completely active in the church.  So Jesse's friend invited Jesse to go to church with him.  Since his friend was a little different then what Jesse thought mormons were like, he decided to go.  Jesse has been going to church for a few weeks now.  He wasn't ready for the lessons yet.  We eat with the Listers and visit them every once in a while, so we know Jesse and have become friends with him.  Anyway, back to the phone call.  Sister Lister called and said that Jesse has decided to start talking the missionary lessons.  So that was our exciting news of the day. 

This is an older lady in our ward named Helen.  We were visiting her one day and she was talking to us about how she wanted this thing called a Galileo thermometer.  She had gone to the store and got one that was on sale. (about 6 dollars) When she brought it home it was broken, so she took it back and they didn't have any more.  She looked online but they weren't on sale there and she couldn't afford one (about 15 dollars). 

Sister Riley and I felt bad for her because she just wanted one and couldn't get one.  So we went to a few other stores and they were all sold out every where (it is a Christmas decoration).  Last p-day Sister Riley emailed home and asked her mom to order one.  So she did.  We got it on Friday.  Opened it up, it worked.  On Saturday morning we took it to Helen and doorbell ditched it.  When we visited Helen just a few days ago, she had it sitting on her kitchen table.  That made us smile :)  

Saturday and Sunday was stake conference. Normally the missionaries aren't invited to go to the Saturday session, but this one we were.  There was a youth choir singing and we joined them in one of the songs, so we got to be there.  It was all about missionary work.  They had a recent convert (actually Tracy Wilford who Sister Morgan baptized) speak, one of the missionaries in our zone, our mission presidents counselor, the stake president, and Sister Baker from our ward.  They all got up and spoke on Member Missionary work.  It was really good.  Sister Baker got volunteered by our bishop because she helped with the Chamberlins.  Lucky her huh?  It was pretty good, except that it was SO HOT in there, and it went until 9:25.  It was supposed to end at 9.  So that was rough, plus it made us, as well as all the other missionaries miss their curfews.  Actually the others were probably fine.  We were late by 3 minutes and we live the farthest from the stake center.  

Then on Sunday, it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City for everyone on the Redlands temple area.  So quite a big group. It was all on member missionary work.  The general relief society president spoke, along with a member of the 70 and Elder Erying.  It was a really good session.  It ended half an hour early, so we enjoyed that.  Lots of members have stepped up their games in missionary work.  Hopefully they will keep at it.  

That is about all that has happened.  I know it has been a while.  Most of our time is spent looking for investigators.  We do a lot of potentials and formers.  No luck yet.  We have quite a few potential investigators though.   Hopefully we will start working with them soon.

We went to the temple today.  It was good.  We got there 7 minutes before the session, rented clothes changed and made it on time to the session.  We were in a bit of a rush-kinda like the last time I went with mom.  It seems to happen like that a lot.  But we made it and it was really good.  We had fun and got a couple pictures.  If I have time I will send some to you.  

Training calls have already gone out.  Neither Sister Riley or I are training. So we will see what happens with transfers.  We don't know if anything will happen, but we are hoping for a change.  I need to leave this area.  I am getting antsy for a  change.  We are hitting a rut that we need to get out of and a change would help with that.  So pray for something good to happen.  

I hope everyone has a good weekend.  I will write again in  just a few days and let you know the transfer news.  I probably wont have much else to say since you heard from me today.

Love ya all

Sister Woodward

Sister Woodward and Sister Riley and the Redlands Temple

California Sunset

Christmas Morning

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