Monday, September 30, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -September 30, 2013

Well Hello family,
Thank you for the letter again this week.  I did get to go to the conference on Saturday and it was great.  And that was not the first time I went to it.  When I was at SUU I was a good little girl and I actually went (and I was also in the Relief Society presidency, so I kinda had to)
Right before the conference all the Sisters in the mission got together for a Sisters conference.  There are over 50 of us now in the mission.  It was so great. I was able to see all my old friends and companions and spend a few hours with them.  I loved it.  It was amazing to see so many sisters out here serving.  And more are gonna keep coming.  We are going to keep getting sisters for the next few transfers and we don't have any going home, unless they leave early. By the end of the year, we should have about 80 sisters in our mission out of 200 missionaries.  So almost half!! I love it.
At first I thought I was totally going to hate having that many sisters out, but it is the best.  I had so many sisters coming up and hugging me and tell me they had been thinking about me and was so excited to see me again.  There were some that said they had been praying for me, and even one that said she had put my name in the temple because she had heard I was having a hard time.  It was amazing to see how much support I have from the sisters in this mission.  So many of them are becoming such good friends of mine.  I love how many cool people I have been able to meet and gain eternal friendships with.
And some of these girls I probably wouldn't have been friends with back at home, but because our lives are so similar now and we are all going through the same things, we are just bonded in a way you can't explain.  So many of them I feel like I really did know before now.  I really have connections with some of them that you can't explain.  It is weird but I love it.
So we had a few trainings and speakers, then we watched the conference with the Rancho stake.  We had dessert and talked after and some people took some pictures.  I didn't have my camera when they took a group photo though.  Sorry...Next time?  Sister Hobbs wants to try and do another one in December for Christmas.  I hope it can happen.  It was just so powerful to have us all together.
Well I can't believe that Tanner is almost married and Tiffani is not far behind him.  It is going to be so weird to come home and no matter what is going on, Tiffani will have a guy with her, which wasn't the case before.  That will take adjusting for me.  You will have to have a cut out of me for her wedding so I can be in the pictures.  It is sad that I am missing it.  I am super bummed.  But I wouldn't change this experience for anything. 
I am glad that they animals are doing well. I hope Maggie is behaving some what.  Sorry she is not  the best dog ever.  haha 
This week our car was having problems, so we took that in and sat in the place for almost three hours.  All they needed to do was to change the oil.  And we were there for three hours!! Oh I wasn't happy.  And then our whole Saturday was gone with the conferences, so we didn't get much work done. 
This week, our investigators mother in law died, so we have been helping with that a little bit.  And our other investigator, Nico's dog just got hit by a car and died today.  We are going over to see them tonight.  Sunny was the cutest dog.  I am so sad.  He was so friendly and always so happy to see us.  It was sad when Sister Pollard and I heard the news. 
We did get a new investigator this week though!!! Her name is Isabella and she is 11.  Her dad is a less active member because of work.  He was driving and saw the elders who are working in the Tongan ward and stopped them to ask how he could get his children baptized.  They referred him to us and we have started teaching.  The mom is a Catholic, but has problems with the Catholic church.  They have three kids.  Isabella, 11, Bianca, 8, and a boy who I forgot his name, 7.  So Isabella is the only one that we can count, but we are teaching all of them.  I am excited to see what happens there.
But that is about all for the missionary work part of it.  Still working with less actives and a few investigators now.  It is fun.  And now since the work is progressing, I will be moving.  I just feel it coming.  Yes I have five weeks I know, but that is how it has been in my last two wards.  Once the ward starts to have work and investigators, I get moved.
I hope things are all well at home! I love you all. Have a good week
Sister Woodward

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