Monday, October 7, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -October 7, 2013

Hey there family
Well Mission life is mission life.  Things are crazy out here.  But conference was just great and I loved being able to watch it.  And we actually watched it with some of our investigators which made it even better.  I really liked Elder Holland's talk, and I am sure that is one that some people at home enjoyed, or at least needed to hear as well.
In a few weeks we have a general authority coming to our mission.  We are going to have a few mission wide conferences then and I am so excited.  It is going to be so great. I don't remember who is coming, but when I do, I will let you know.  It is in two weeks and he will be here for three or four days.
This week went pretty well.  We have four different investigators right now and had lessons with all of them.  The first was Brittney Vignali.  I think I have mentioned her.  She is moving really slowly, but we ate with her family on Tuesday and had a good lesson afterwards.  She has a long way to go.  A lot of words that we use, like faith or hope, she has twisted perception of what they mean, so we have a lot to teach her and help her realize before she will get baptized.
Our second one is Isabella.  She is 10 and her sister Bianca is 8.  Their dad stopped the Elders in the Tongan ward to get them baptized.  We went over this week and taught them for the second time. We took chalk and drew the plan of salvation on the road.  We found out that two members of the ward live just a few doors down on both sides, which was pretty cool.  And the lady that we brought to the lesson with us, just happens to be the activity day leader for all the girls 8-11.  We had no idea when we invited her to come, and she turned out to be the perfect person to bring.  So now they are going to start going to activity days with the other girls their age.
The third one is Bill.  His wife Nancy is a less active member.  Nancy's mom just died. We weren't planning on going to the luncheon after the funeral but a lady in the ward needed us to drop some food off because she couldn't make it.  We showed up at just the right time.  Our Relief Society President was just getting there and needed a lot of help because the funeral and burial was a lot shorter then planned so they were running out of time.  We were able to help out a lot and talk to people at the luncheon, which is always a great way to find people.  So that was a great unexpected service opportunity.
They also invited us to watch conference with them.  As we showed up Saturday afternoon, Bill had been watching golf and went to turn the channel and the t.v. just went black.  The sound was still on, but no picture.  We messed with it for a while trying to figure out what was going on.  After about fifteen minutes and working with the t.v. and lots of prayers, it came back on and we were able to watch conference.  Talk about Satan working hard to get us to not watch it with them.  So we missed the first bit but I think that is normally just the sustainings, so it is all good.
Our last lesson was with Nico.  He is nine.  His family is less active but he really wants to be baptized.  He told his dad (who wants him to be baptized in a Christian church) that he is Mormon and is going to be baptized in the Mormon church.  Early this week, we were supposed to have a lesson, but as we got there we found out that their little dog had got hit by a car and died earlier in the day.  So we just talked and comforted them.  Then last night we went back for the lesson.  We taught the Restoration.
A family friend was over and he decided to sit in on the lesson.  He knows members and has read up a bit on the church.  At the end of the lesson, Sister Pollard started talking just very briefly about the atonement and the friend, Mario, started to cry and was speechless.  It was such a cool experience.  He had no words.  He lives in Rancho, but not in our area.  We are hoping to get some other missionaries over to him soon.  He told us, out of all the religions he has looked into, this is the one that intrigues him the most.  So one day Mario is going to join...hopefully one day soon.
We have Janet, Nico's mom, coming to the additional relief society night on Wednesday, then dinner with them on Thursday and a lesson on Friday.  So we have lots set up.  That is how she wanted to do it.  We are excited for this week with them.
We went on exchanges this week as well.  Sister Ott came to my area and Sister Pollard went to my old area in Upland with Sister Haas.  It was just fun to work with someone else and see how they do things and to be able to have just someone different with you for a day.  I loved it.  Sister Ott is amazing. 
While we were on exchanges, we were able to do some service for a less active lady in the ward.  She started coming back, but then recently she has gone through an ugly divorce and was getting kicked out of her home.  So we went over to help her sort some things up.  She had just a few days to get everything out, and she tends to be a bit of a hoarder.  So that was fun.  The next day, Sister Pollard and I went back and helped her move the stuff she was going to keep into a storage unit.  So this week was filled with lots of hours of service.  It was good.
So over all it was a good week for us.  We had some good lessons and are finally making progress with our investigators.  There is a little more with the missionary side to this email.  Hopefully things will keep getting better, but seeing how things have worked with me in the past, four weeks from now I am going to be transferred out.  Now that the ward has work, I will be leaving. 
Well the weather down here today is in the high 80's. Definitely far from snowflakes down here.  It is supposed to get all the way to the 60's this week, which is about as cold as it will get down here all winter, so that will be nice :) I am excited for that.
Also, that story about Gislene cracked me up!! Oh my word.  That sounds just like her.  She hasn't changed a bit in five months.  She has also loved having the dogs with her, but of course she is not all there enough to think to take them out.  Oh poor mom....Life sounds like fun :)  But at least she is learning Spanish.  She is setting the standard high for the rest of you.  I guess it is time to pick it up!! haha
Well for things with Sister Pollard and I, they are getting better.  We had interviews with President Hobbs this week, (it is just that time) And he offered a blessing.  I didn't feel like I needed one but if he was asking, I thought maybe I needed it more then I realized.  So he gave me a blessing.  It was so amazing.  I know that it came from God and told me things I needed to hear that President Hobbs didn't even know I was dealing with.  So that was good
Well for now that is all I can think of to tell you about.  It was a good week.  I love you all lots
Sister Woodward

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