Monday, October 28, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -October 28, 2013

Hi family,
Well another week has gone by, and another transfer is coming to an end.  Well not to disappoint you or anything, but I don't go home until November 18th I do believe, so it is still a little more then a year.  I am excited that Ian and Rolando can both go soon after we get back.  You are just going to be paying for missions for ever!!! lucky!! Good thing there are blessings attached to that.
Well for mission news lets see.  On Saturday we had our wards Harvest Festival-ya know, the Halloween party but it cant' be called that because well who knows why.  It was combined with another ward.  We had a really good turn out.  They had chili, hot dogs, nachos, pies and a bunch of little carnival games.  They also had a trunk or treat afterwards.  It was good.  We went all week and just invited everyone we saw to it.  We got a few less active families out.
On Saturday we saw a group of boys (about 8-11 years old) and asked them if they wanted to come.  We gave them a few flyers that we made.  When we showed up at the festival, they had come!! It was so cool.  They brought their parents and had a group of about 15 of them.  Our bishop called us rock stars.  Plus he really liked us that night because the elders in the other ward were not being the best of missionaries, so we looked great compared to them.  That helped with our ward trust. 
The Chamberlins also came to that.  They were all dressed up and had a fun time.  They have made friends with other kids in the ward and were running around with them all the time.  I loved it.  We talked with Erica (mom) and she told us that she just loves how friendly people in our church is.   She can't believe that we actually make an effort to get to know other people we are going to church with.  She is really coming along.  Richard (dad) talked to the bishop and he should be ready to baptize his family by the end of next transfer.  Middle of December.  By then, hopefully things will be good with Erica.  She is the only one that is not fully on board yet, but since her kids are, she will come eventually.
We had a lesson with them on Friday and Shelby Baker came again.  She has been coming to all the lessons with us.  We taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy and following the prophet.  It has been fun.  We have another lesson on this Friday and they actually invited us over for dinner tomorrow!! So that is good.  We will get to see them twice this week.  I am excited.  The kids just love church.  If they have to go to their mom's church (catholic) they complain, but they jump for joy when they get to got to dads church (us) So that is good that the kids love us so much better.  I think that will make a big difference for Erica.  I am excited for this family.  They are so great.  I just love them.  I will get a picture this week with them for sure and send it off soon.
They didn't make it to Sacrament though, but they came to the last two hours.  I think they had people over at their house from Saturday (they had friends come to the harvest festival....funny story.  Their friends didn't realized it was a Mormon event they went to.  So they thought that Sister Pollard and I were just dressed up like Mormons haha)  But they made it to primary.  That actually happened to our other investigator, Brittney.  So no one at Sacrament, but still at church. which I am okay with.  At least they were there for part of it. 
That was about it this week.  It was a good week for most of it.  I enjoyed it.
I love you all.  Happy Halloween!! Send me some pictures of the costumes :)
Sister Woodward

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