Monday, September 2, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -September 2, 2013

Hey there,

So I am lucky enough that I get to email today even though it is a holiday.  So here is a nice surprise for you back at home :)

This week has been slow.  I forgot to tell you about the best experience that happened last week.  I got to meet spiderman!!!! Yeah that's right.  Be as jealous as you want.  There was a kid named Jacob in my last ward who had some rare form of cancer and had to have a few bone marrow transplants.  So Make a Wish Foundation came in and Jacobs wish was to meet spiderman and help him save villians for a day.  I moved areas and turns out that Jacobs grandpa is my ward mission leader.  He had two extra tickets to the event and since there were lots of non members there, we got permission from President Hobbs to go.  And it was AMAZING!!!  They had fire trucks, police men, the swat team, helicoptors, and tanks all driving to the scene with their sirens and lights going.  They had Spiderman climb down the wall of a building.  Then inside, they had all these little scenes set up where they would catch villians.  It was so cool.  Then they gave Jacob the City's bravery away and the whole police department and fire department saluted him. It was really neat experience.  And then we got pictures with spiderman and Jacob after.  I will have to send them to you next week if I remember.
Spiderman with Make a Wish Foundation

So that was my cool experience.  This week, I got to meet one of the actors off of Dumb and Dumber.  If you have ever seen it, it was the blind kid that they sell the bird to.  They are making a second one and they asked him to come back on again.  He is totally a member and we ate at his house yesterday for dinner.
We also had two dinner appointments yesterday.  Talk about eating TONS because we didn't want to offend anyone.  That was hard.  We ate and ate and ate.  And they both had dessert and sent it home with us.  It was really rough but so great.  I love food and I love members who feed us:)  

Other than that, work is really really really slow.  All our appointments fell through.  Even some of our less actives.  We are mainly just working with the members because we need to gain their trust.  We met with one of the missionaries that was here right before us.  He came in after the really really bad elders and helped get things going again. He told us some things that worked for them and helped us get a better idea of things we  should do to help this ward out.  Hopefully by next week things will be better for us in this ward. 

So one of the sisters that went home three weeks ago, Sister Winert, who was the other Sister Training Leader with Sister Haupt emailed me today and this is a bit of what she said: Training is tough. But I know you are an awesome trainer. I was in plenty of meetings where President, the APs, the ZLs, Haupt and I, talked about how amazing you are. You really are. I wanted to be your friend the moment I met you. You have a fun, friendly, awesome personality. You work hard, you're obedient, and you love the people you serve. You are every mission president's dream sister missionary. And sometimes that means you get hard situations.

Well that is a little intimidating.  It makes me want to work even harder to be the missionary they all think that I am.  I definitely don't want to let them down since they think I am so great.  But it was cool to hear that from her.  She was such a great sister and I am so sad that she went home.  I wish I would have got to know her better. She is the one that came from a family of 25 kids.   

Is Ian really a junior now?  I was thinking about that yesterday and couldn't believe it was true...kinda crazy weird.  I can't believe little Ian is that old. 

Well that is about all I have to share this week.  I hope things keep getting better and I look forward to your email next week...p.s. I think I will be able to get on the computers tomorrow as well :) just so you know.

Love Sister Woodward

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