Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -September 6, 2013

Well Hello again family,
I know this is a surprise email and you definitely weren't expecting one today.  On Wednesday we found out that we had a temple trip booked for today.  So instead of this coming Monday being our P-day, it is today.  So it is a little weird and I don't have much to say at this time since I emailed you just a few days ago.  I won't be emailing again for a week and a half.  So don't expect an email on Monday.
Well since I talked to you last, not much has happened.  Sister Pollard had her new missionary meeting on Wednesday.  I got partnered up with Sisters Sears and Clark.  They are both Spanish speaking sisters working in the desert right now.  So while all our greenies were at the meeting, we worked together in my area.  They were pretty fun.  Sister Haupt actually trained them right before she came to be.  So they have been out for two transfers more than I have. 
Today we went to the temple.  It was so good.  I was so glad that I finally got to go.  I thought it would still be a while til I got to go, but President wanted all the missionaries to go before the end of the transfer.  So this weekend and next weekend, they have squished us all in.  It was SOOOOO full today. It was a stake temple day, plus our zone was there (which has about 23 missionaries) plus Riverside mission was coming today.  They didn't have enough seats for everyone and so they kicked people out of the session.
We get to talk in church this Sunday.  My topic is the Doctrine of Christ, which is basically the third lesson we teach.  So that will be interesting.  I feel like it might end up more as a lesson than a talk since that is how I am used to explaining that topic.  Sister Pollard has to speak on how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ.  You may think, oh well that is easy, but it is so broad, that it makes that a really hard topic.  I am so glad that is her topic and not mine.  She is having a hard time with it.  Her talk right now is about three minutes long and she is about out of ideas.  I am speaking second so I am basically going to write a 20 minute talk and just know what I can cut out if I need to.  I feel like I will have a lot of time to fill.  Wish us luck!! 
Well other than that, not much has happened.  There is a little store not far from where we live called Ensign Book.  I go in there about once a transfer and get a few things.  Today I got two cds from Nashville Tribute.  My first companion gave me The Work by them.  And it was really good, so I got Joseph Smith and Trek by them.  They are totally country, but it is allowed on the mission, so I still getting my country music fix. haha  I knew I would find a way :)
Sorry this is shorter than normal.  I don't have much more to say.  We haven't done too much this week besides knock on doors that nobody ever answers.  That is our life.  Day in and day out.  Sister Pollard hates it.  Not even less actives will let us in.  So that is why I never really report on the missionary life.  Not too much to say.  haha
Well I hope things are going well at home!! I hope you are having a fun time!! Maybe I will get some pictures to you...if my camera is in the car.  I will have to go check.  Have a good week and a half and I will talk to you all soon!!
Love ya
Sister Woodward

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