Monday, February 10, 2014

Hesperia, California -February 10, 2014

Hey family

Well big news for today, I am more then half way through.  Yep that is right.  I have been out for 284 days and I have 280 days left.  Next thing you know, you will be heading to the airport to pick me up.  Just 6.5 more transfers.  It will go by quickly.  Just gotta make it through the is going to be SOOO hot here then.  I hope I am back in the valley by the time the heat hits.  

This week was good.  I enjoyed it.  We are still just spending lots of time with the members.  We are trying to get to know them all.  We still haven't been able to meet with our one investigator though.  She is totally flakey and that makes it hard to meet with.  We have had a few appointments set up, and they always seem to fall through.  That is rough.  This up coming week, we are planning on doing a lot of finding activities.  We know most of the ward now, so now it is time to find investigators.  I think there is a lot of work to do up here.  I am excited for it.
Sister Beagley has been sick for some time now.  So she is on a diet of sprite, Gatorade, saltine crackers and jello.  The only problem is that she won't stick with her diet, so every night after dinner she gets really sick and can't do anything.  Most of our evenings are spent at home.  Saturday she was sick the whole day.  We were stuck inside the whole day.  Our ward mission leader brought over missionary approved videos for us to watch and I did a 750 piece puzzle.  (all by myself and all in one day.  be proud) We eventually made it through the day. 

I get to go on exchanges this week.  I get to go with my favorite Sister Haupt and I am really excited. 

I got your package-finally.  It was great.  I love the Harry potter stamps.  Those are really fun :) Thanks a bunch.  And the clothes are also wonderful.  I love the blue skirt and I wore it yesterday. I am wearing the brown one today.  They are really comfy :) That is always a great thing.  So thank you thank you.  That was great :) I really enjoyed it all.  And thanks for Darcy's little message on the side of the box as well. 

Well I hope you all have a good day.  I hope Camille has a good birthday. I miss you all.  Take care of Maggie

Love Sister Woodward

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