Monday, December 9, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -December 9, 2013

Hi Family,
This week was a really good week. We had a lot of fun.  Things are crazy around here. The first crazy thing is the weather.  Who thought it actually would get cold in California in the winter?   It has been super cold down here.  I didn't think it got cold down here.  We have been in the mid 40s with rain and cold, strong winds all week long.  We even hit the 30s for a bit.  Cars actually get frost on them and people have to scrap them.  Crazy huh?  Who knew? Definitely not me or I would have brought warmer clothes.
But this week has been fun.  This week we bought a little Christmas tree, decorated a gingerbread house, made a paper chain count down til Christmas, got stockings, and a family got us a real 5 foot Christmas tree. (We were SO excited).  We also went and saw some lights (a street where every house goes all out for Christmas.  It has been in the news because it is so cool.  It is called Thoroughbred) for family home evening  (members are great!!!). We went to the Crèche (I think that is how it is spelt) Festival. They had over 1,000 different Nativities set up all over the gym in a church as well as different groups from the community singing Christmas songs. We also went to a Live Nativity. They recreated a street in Bethlehem and had actors dressed up as towns people. You could walk down the street and talk with them. And then every 45 minutes they had a 15 minute presentation that was them acting out the birth of Christ. It was so good. They also had a shepherds field, which was just a petting zoo with lots of different animals. So we did a lot of fun Christmas things this week. We helped a few people decorate their trees, and we will do some more of that this week. So we have been having a lot of fun.  Christmas is fun :)
That was the fun stuff for this week.  On to the missionary stuff.  So we had a baptism for Saturday the 14th right?  Well we went to ward council on Sunday to find out that there was a girl in the stake, who was walking home from school and got hit by a car.  Her funeral got set up for the exact same time as our baptism.  So we got booted.  Richard had family coming into town for the baptism and they were already scheduled so we couldn't move it too much.  So we asked around and have re scheduled it for Friday evening at 7:00.  So it is still going to happen this week.  We got worried because we both wanted to be here for it and with transfers next week, we weren't really sure.  So that was good.
We were supposed to start teaching the Baro girls this week, but Sister Baro text us one morning to inform us that the girls dad requested to speak with the girls before we could meet with them.  We don't know how that meeting went.  The girls are scared of their dad, so if he told them no, then they are not going to go against that.  It is kinda sad.  We were really bummed. 
Other then that, not much happened.  The work is not the quickest here in Rancho.  We do have our Mission Christmas Devotional on Friday for a few hours.  And we have our Ward Christmas party on Saturday evening.  So that should be fun.  I am excited.
And on Saturday we get transfer calls.  We both really want to stay together and in this area.  So hopefully we won't get moved.  That would be a bummer.  I would cry.  I love this area.  It is definitely my favorite ward.  So hopefully we will stay.  Especially after how decorated our apartment is.  That would be sad if we couldn't stay.  So I will let you know next week what happened with transfers. 
Have a good week. Drive safe.  Oh and if we stay in this area I will be able to Skype you guys.  We will be doing it from the bishops house and it will probably be around early afternoon or so.  I will let you know for sure when I figure out if I am staying or not.
Love you all!
Sister Woodward

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