Monday, December 2, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -December 2, 2013

Hey Woodward Family,
It definitely does not feel like December down here.  It is about 70s or 80s everyday.  We got a tiny bit of rain the other day.  Basically it feels like we are forever stuck in September.  It is kinda weird.  My body doesn't know what to do with itself.  I think it is used to gearing up for the cold at this time of year and I am hot ALL the time.  We will have it about 66 in our apartment and it is too hot for me.  It is awful. haha  When I come home next year, I am going to freeze!!
Our transfers are still going to be in the 16th of December.  So the same week as Camerons, just not the same day.  So I will definitely be in this area for the Chamberlins baptism.  I am glad we got it during this transfer :)
I am glad that you got to help grandma put up her tree.  That is one thing that people will let us do out here.  We have been and will continue to help people put up Christmas decorations.  It helps us remember it is actually the Holidays and they are happening.  Sometimes it just seems like everyone else is having holidays, and we as missionaries don't get to enjoy them (which is kinda true) but it is still fun.  Today Sister Riley went out and bought a little 2 foot Christmas tree and some lights.  We made a paper chain count down til Christmas, and we are going to decorate a Ginger bread house if we have time.  So we are trying to get a little Christmas into our lives.
I hit my 7 month mark yesterday! I have been gone for seven whole months now.  Crazy huh? Time is just flying by.  January First and I will be half way through.  So more then one reason to celebrate that day :)  You better have a big party!!
Well onto missionary work.  The Chamberlins are getting baptized on the 14th.  It is all set.  We are working on getting the program together.  It should be good.  Everything is falling into place.  I don't think that the mom will be baptized then, but she will eventually.  She has stopped going to the catholic church.   She signed up to get a R.S. manual for next year.  She is volunteering to bring food to the Living Nativity and also to the Ward Christmas Party.  She has even started taking the Sacrament, which at first she wouldn't because she didn't feel comfortable or like she could.  So she is making progress.  We are excited for her.
We finally met with Sister Baro yesterday.  She has her girls for the next two weeks and so in those 2 weeks we are going to teach them as many lessons as we can (most likely all of them) and after that they will be getting baptized as well.  From what she said, the dad was okay with it and was planning on being at the baptism.  So permission shouldn't be too hard to get.  So we will have those two girls being baptized shortly as well.  We had tried for 4 weeks to meet with them, and now we are finally able to!! We are so excited.  It made our day.
Thanksgiving was really good.  We did end up only having one thanksgiving dinner.  We ate with the best cook in the ward-still nothing compared to grandmas or moms thanksgiving, but it was really good.  She had 6 of her seven kids there and two son in laws and her parents.  So it was a bigger thanksgiving then you had.  We had a lot of fun.  It was weird to only have 3 pies (Apple, Pumpkin, and Pecan).  It seemed like so few.  Sister Riley and I made a banana cream pie, but of course it was just with the jello mix and not very good.  So I am so happy that I will be home for thanksgiving next year.
I don't know what will happen for Christmas.  The bishops family is having us for dinner.  They have a son on a mission though and I don't know when he will be calling or if they are wanting us to call from their house.  If you want, I could probably even Skype with you guys.  I will just need Kelsey Skype thingy.  I probably won't set up a time or anything until after transfers.  I have been in this area for 3 transfers now and I could end up moving-I hope not.  But just to be safe I won't set anything up til after and I know where I will be.  So the Monday before Christmas we will figure it all out. 
Well I think that is about all for this week.  I hope you are loving the long emails :)  I don't see them getting much shorter in the future.
Love you all
Sister Woodward

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