Monday, July 14, 2014

Ontario, California -July 14, 2014

Hey there,

So here is the news-I have been transferred-again!! I am now back down the hill (a little cooler, but more humid)  and I actually am following Sister Riley into an area.  My companion is Sister Maunamua (maybe) and she is from Tonga.  She has been out for three months and seems super cool.  She is a world class athlete in track and field and is probably going to go to the olympics one day.  I think she gave up going to the olympics for a mission actually.  So pretty cool.  Oh and I am in Ontario.  A new area for me.  I haven't been here yet so it will be an adventure. I know most of the missionaries in my zone-fun.

I didn't think I was going to get moved, but I guess I did, and I cried.  The members I lived with were so amazing and I am going to miss them more then anything or anyone else.  When I told Sister Ebmeyer, she started crying, which made me cry.  They are so great.  They told me to come back and visit and bring the whole family, and if I didn't bring the whole family and if we didn't ALL STAY at her house, she would be offended (and trust me she wasn't kidding).  So plan on meeting her one day when I get home.

The last week in Apple Valley was good.  I have been having weird stomach problems.  Every day at about 3 I got super bad stomach pains and I would have to go home and just cry.  So most of the middle of the days, we didn't do anything.  It was a little slow.  I said my goodbyes and packed.  I cleaned and took some pictures (my camera was packed and I haven't unpacked yet, so next week)  It was a slow week for missionary work.  Sister Riley told me in the last 3 months they have found 22 new investigators, so there is definitely a lot of work in this area and I am super excited and I finally have another companion not from Utah!!

Well the new library only gives us an hour to email instead of three at the least one so my emails might be getting shorter.  I hope you have a fun week.  You are all wonderful.  Love ya bunches.

Sister Woodward

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