Monday, November 18, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, California -November 18, 2013

So guess what today is??? Yep that's right! My one year til I come home date!!! I fly home in exactly one year!! 365 days left!! Kinda crazy huh?  After this we are just counting down.  I made it through the first 6 months and have 12 more to go.  Piece of cake :)  Save the date now :)
Well it is good to hear that Cameron already has a few offers for thanksgiving.  We are still working on finding someone to feed us.  We have Christmas covered (granted we are still in this area by then)  But not thanksgiving.  So hopefully we will get that soon.
This week has been pretty good for us.  We met with the Chamberlins twice.  They didn't make it to church because Erika (the mom) had a really bad ear infection and had to go to the doctors.  We have three appointment set up this week though.  Their baptismal date is for the 14th of December.  The same day as our Ward Christmas party.  So it is going to be quite the busy day for us and our Bishopric. 
We have taught them all the lessons.  On Friday we went over the things we have taught them so we know the things that need a little reviewing before baptism.  They remembered quite a lot of it.  So for the next 4ish weeks, we will just review the lessons and make sure that everything runs smoothly for their baptism.  Isabella and Bianca are golden.  We are still going with Erika though.  She likes the idea of getting baptized as a family and going to church as a family, but I don't think she realizes the level of commitment it is as well as her needing to take the lessons with us before and have an interview.  She can't just jump in the water if she feels like it on the 14th.  So we are going to see if we can work with her this week.  She usually isn't there for the lessons, so we don't know quite how she feels yet.
We haven't started working with the Baros yet.  Hopefully this week.  We are meeting the dad tonight for a couple of minutes.  We are eating with them on Wednesday as well.  So hopefully we can set up a baptismal date with their two girls. We have figured out what we need to do so we can get the dads permission. Once he signs the paper, then we are good to go and no turning back, we just need him to be in a good mood when we give him the paper :) So that is the only challenge with getting them baptized. 
Other than that, nothing much happened this week.  Sister Riley and I still really get along.  No mice in our apartment.  We are working with lots of less actives, which I am loving.  We are still out of a ward mission leader, but have 7 ward missionaries.  The bishop wants us to do splits three times a week with them, but it is hard to coordinate it all with out a leader.  So after three weeks of not having one, we are praying that this next Sunday one finally gets called.  We need one.
Have a good week.  I love you all. 
 Sister Woodward

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