Monday, September 8, 2014

Ontario, California -September 8, 2014

Hey family,

Well our week was pretty good!  The best part was that the three Costa kids (whose last names aren't even Costa....) all passed their  baptismal interviews!!!!!!! Yay! We are so excited.  So they are all going to be getting baptized this Saturday!  I am so happy.  It was crazy though...So here in Ontario, the church does the really STUPID thing for convert baptisms.

Remember when the girls where getting baptized and the missionaries told them that what ever day and time they chose worked because it was their baptism?  So I thought that is how it was everywhere. Every ward I have served in it has been that way.  Here in Ontario, the stake presidency wants to come to all convert baptisms, so they have told us all that EVERY convert baptism has to be either the first or second saturday of the month at 3.  The child of record baptism get the 3 and 4 saturdays-so weird that they have two and it isn't the first one of the month.  So all the baptisms that are supposed to happen for all the missionaries in ontario have to do it at that time at the stake center.  So our ward was supposed to have 5 this saturday.  For all 5 of those converts, the morning worked better for them.  There was stuff in the afternoon so it was super inconvient. Well you would think that because all of them could do it earlier rather then later, they would be okay with that. NO! not at all.  We had to call Monica and Manuel during ward council.  Monica was not happy because well this is her kids baptism, not the stake presidency and this does not work for them.  

So during Sunday school, our bishop called monica into the office to talk to her about doing it at three since we HAVE to do it then (which none of the missionaries like, or the ward mission leaders, or even people on the high council)  Monica told the bishop she had work in the afternoon and couldn't do it (really doesn't have work, but having other family plans on saturday afternoon isn't a good enough excuse)  So now the baptism is going to be at 11.  It was quite a process and made a lot of us stressed and unhappy.  yes we should follow the council of our leaders, but when all of the investigators couldn't do it in the afternoon and they wouldn't change it, they were about to lose 5 baptisms! 

Manuel was sick yesterday so he couldn't come to church or have  his interview.  We have to try and set that up soon to see if he is good getting baptized this week as well.  So I guess you will know next week what happens.  I will definitely have some pictures for you though!  

I got to go on exchanges on Saturday! That was definitely heaven sent.  And I got to go with my favorite SISTER SHAW!!!! Oh it was so good.  I just love that woman and she helped me out so much!! You don't even know.  She just sat and listened to me for hours (literally) Tell her everything that is going on.  And she told me about the things she was struggling with as well-many were the same.  It was so good.  I just love her and things are so much better for me now!  

That is about all that happened this last week.  Well obviously, lots more, but not much worth mentioning.  We had lessons with Manuel and the Costas.  We went to less actives.  We talked to people on the street.  We tracted a few doors.  It was a  good week.  We have a dinner appointment with a lady who used to be mormon but is now 7th day adventists.  That should be fun! She was so super nice.  We are excited for that!

Well I hope you have a good week.  Love ya lots!!
Sister Woodward

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